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Step aside Valentine's Day, there's a slightly overlooked, yet equally charming celebration in town - National Wife Day! Now, before you hastily start underlining dates and setting reminders, let's dive into some delightful and intriguing facts about this special day that's all about celebrating the incredible wives in our lives.

When is Wife Day?

It's national wife day on the 3rd August.

A Day For Wives Everywhere

Our digital investigation has detected 21384 mentions of National Wife Day online. Interestingly enough, its popularity seemed to surge dramatically on the 03 Aug 2020, where mentions skyrocketed (perhaps husbands everywhere were feeling particularly graced by their better halves that day!)

Why Celebrate Your Wife?

It's the perfect excuse to honor, appreciate and shower some extra love on the wonderful woman you're lucky to call your wife. In our often hectic and chaotic lives, it's easy to forget to show appreciation. So, National Wife Day acts as a gentle reminder to pause, notice and appreciate the love, laughter, support and companionship they bring every day.

How to Celebrate?

Great question! How about starting the day off with breakfast in bed? Perhaps penning a poem telling her how much she means to you? How about ending the day with a romantic dinner followed by her favorite movie? Sure, she'd love an expensive gift, but nothing says 'I love you' more than heartfelt words and thoughtful gestures.

Unofficial But Loved

While National Wife Day may not be an 'official' national holiday, the growing number of mentions and celebrations show that it's become a beloved day regardless. Amazing, isn‘t it? Just shows us how much love is out there. So, husbands, step up! Mark this day on your calendar and make it a yearly tradition to celebrate the superstar in your life that is your wife.

History behind the term 'Wife'

2000 BCE

Marriage in Ancient Mesopotamia

The term 'wife' finds its origins in ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq and Syria). In these societies, marriage was seen as an important institution, and the concept of a “friendly companion” evolved, which eventually led to the term 'wife'. Women in Mesopotamia held various roles in society, including managing the household and bearing children.

5th Century CE

Wif-Man and Wif-Manne

During the 5th century CE, English began to emerge as a distinct language, and the Old English word 'wif' was used to refer to a married woman. Additionally, 'wif-man' and 'wif-manne' were terms used to describe a male and female spouse respectively. Over time, the term 'wif' gradually evolved into 'wife'.

Middle Ages (5th - 15th Century)

Wife as a Legal Term

In the Middle Ages, the term 'wife' gained legal significance. It referred to a woman who was married, and her status and rights were defined by law. The concept of marriage during this period was strongly influenced by societal norms and religious beliefs, often emphasizing women's roles as homemakers and mothers.

18th Century

The Rise of Companionate Marriage

In the 18th century, a new trend emerged known as 'companionate marriage'. This concept shifted the focus of marriage from practical and economic arrangements to a partnership based on love, mutual respect, and companionship. The term 'wife' took on a more nuanced meaning, representing not only a legal and domestic partner but also an emotional and supportive companion.

20th Century

Changing Roles and Feminism

The 20th century witnessed significant changes in the role of women and the meaning of 'wife'. With the rise of feminism and women's rights movements, traditional gender roles began to be questioned and redefined. The term 'wife' became more inclusive, encompassing a range of marital relationships, from traditional to more egalitarian partnerships. It came to represent a supportive partner, regardless of gender.

Did you know?

Did you know that the highest spike in online mentions for National Wife Day was on 03 Aug 2020? Looks like that day was particularly filled with love and appreciation for wives! Keep it up husbands.


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