What national day is it today?

1st: Aids day with 1669 mentions across social media.
Did you know that one of the most common misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS is that it can be spread through mosquito bites? Well, fret not, my friends! Mosquitoes are not interested in transmitting anything other than their own pesky presence. So, you can relax and enjoy your outdoor picnics without worrying about those tiny buzzers turning you into an unwitting donor.
2nd: Eat A Red Apple day with 633 mentions across social media.
Did you know that there are over 7,500 different apple varieties grown worldwide? From the sweet and tangy Honeycrisp to the tart and crispy Granny Smith, apples come in a wide array of flavors, colors, and textures. So why not go on an apple-tasting adventure and discover your new favorite red apple?
3rd: Christmas Lights day with 425 mentions across social media.
Did you know that there is a festive home in New York that puts on a jaw-dropping light display every year? Known as the 'Dyker Heights Christmas Lights' in Brooklyn, this neighborhood boasts extravagant decorations that attract visitors from near and far. It's like stepping into a real-life Santa's workshop!

Today's national days

Young man and woman holding hands, wearing red ribbons, in front of a cityscape with AIDS awareness posters, diverse background..
National aids day, 1669 mentions.
Happy person holding a juicy red apple, wearing a cozy sweater, enjoying a scenic countryside backdrop..
National eat a red apple day, 633 mentions.
Family standing outside their home in a winter wonderland, adorned with colorful Christmas lights and wearing cozy winter outfits. Snow-covered trees in the background..
National christmas lights day, 425 mentions.
A smiling chef holding a golden fried pie, wearing a classic chef's hat, kitchen setting with baking utensils and a pie display..
National fried pie day, 143 mentions.
Young man playing a musical instrument, wearing patriotic colors, with a diverse crowd in a park holding national flags, celebrating National Anthem Day..
National anthem by my day, 138 mentions.
A diverse group of people holding hands, wearing red ribbons, in a supportive community setting..
National commemoration of world aids day, 78 mentions.
Group of diverse people wearing red ribbons, engaging in meaningful conversations, with a backdrop of global landmarks..
National aids awareness day, 68 mentions.
A diverse group of people, wearing colorful swimwear, having fun at the beach with inflatables and practicing water safety..
National water safety day, 59 mentions.
Young football fan wearing team jersey giving a quarterback a heartfelt hug, surrounded by cheering crowd and vibrant stadium lights..
National hug your quarterback day, 58 mentions.
Elderly woman sitting on a bus, wearing modest clothing, vintage 1950s fashion, bus stop setting..
National rosa parks day, 45 mentions.
Young man playing a grand piano, wearing a tuxedo, elegant musical concert setting, with organs as a backdrop..
National organ day, 39 mentions.
Two friends sharing a traditional mate drink, wearing colorful gaucho attire, surrounded by beautiful Argentinian countryside..
National mate day, 33 mentions.
Happy, diverse group of people from around the world, wearing cultural clothing, gathered together in a park for the National Ceremony for the World Day..
National ceremony for the world day, 17 mentions.
Young people wearing traditional Romanian clothing, holding Romanian flags, in a picturesque Romanian village backdrop..
National romania day, 17 mentions.
Cheerful person wearing a colorful Christmas sweater, surrounded by a lively holiday party atmosphere with decorations and lights..
National christmas sweater day, 13 mentions.
A group of explorers wearing hard hats, holding flashlights, and walking through a tunnel, surrounded by historical tunnel blueprints and maps..
National tunnel day, 13 mentions.
A group of hikers with backpacks, surrounded by beautiful nature scenery, celebrating National natural knocker Day!.
National natural knocker day, 8 mentions.
A cheerful person wearing a fashionable kota, surrounded by vibrant colors and a bustling city street..
National kota day, 8 mentions.
A group of people named Luis, diverse in age and attire, smiling and engaged in various activities, celebrating National Luis Day..
National luis day, 5 mentions.
Delighted person holding a plate of fried plantains, wearing a tropical patterned shirt, beach setting, sunny day vibes..
National plantain day, 35 mentions.