Friday the 22nd of March 2019

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What Day Is It?

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There were None references to national days detected so far for today, with a total of 0 unique days.

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Every national day today we have detected from across international social media so far for today's date (22nd of March 2019).

We haven't detected enough references for Friday yet. Check back shortly.

Why Is It The Stated National Day Today?

Every day people celebrate many different national holidays. We analyse on a daily basis which national day any one given day is. Today's national day , was detected as being today's national day as the one that was referenced the most out of the 0 national celebration event days we came across in our analysis.

We aim to reflect which day is being most widely referenced or celebrated based off which national day is being talked about most today.

We don't use databases of any one Country's commemorated national / international days, and only count references from social media, thus this site makes no claims as to any 'officially' sanctioned national day, governmental or otherwise.

How Is The Date For Today's Day Calculated?

Determining, via public consensus (using data mined from references to today's national day on social media) what 'National Day' it is today.

The day shown as the 'National Day' for today is based off how much chitter-chatter and buzz observed today across social media making references to ' Day' . Our algorithms examine all of the references marking obervances to National Days from data mined across social media. is updated automatically hourly, with the most recent celebrated events with our homepage displaying the current national day.

Also, people of the internet, whilst often being super awesome, can sometimes say mean things :/ The above results won't be filtered as an accurate display of current talking points is the intention here, EG 'According to the internet, apparently it can be anything from 'National boyfriend Day' , 'National First Love Day' to 'National Pizza Day'.

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