What national day is it today?

1st: Onion Rings day with 3646 mentions across social media.
Did you know that the record for the largest onion ring ever made was set by an American restaurant in 2011? They fried one up that was ten inches across!
2nd: Bring Your Dog To Work day with 2962 mentions across social media.
Did you know that having dogs in the workplace has been scientifically linked to lower stress levels and increased job satisfaction? So, it seems National Bring Your Dog to Work Day may be therapeutic too!
3rd: Onion Ring day with 2127 mentions across social media.
Did you know that the earliest recipe for fried onions can be traced back to an 1802 cookbook? It suggested cutting onions into half-inch rings, dipping them in a batter made of flour and cream, and frying them in lard.

Today's national days

Close-up shot of a plate piled high with golden, crispy onion rings, served with a side of tangy dipping sauce. Retro diner decor fills the background..
National onion rings day, 3646 mentions.
An office setting with a diverse group of professionals happily working alongside their furry companions, wearing business attire in different styles..
National bring your dog to work day, 2962 mentions.
A joyful person, wearing a chef hat, proudly holding a plate of crispy, golden onion rings with a backdrop of a lively outdoor picnic scene..
National onion ring day, 2127 mentions.
Young woman taking a bite of a chocolate eclair, wearing a chef's hat, vintage white kitchen, retro baking scene..
National chocolate eclair day, 1757 mentions.
A diverse group of Windrush Generation individuals in vibrant Caribbean clothing, surrounded by British landmarks, sharing empowering stories of resilience and cultural fusion..
National windrush day, 1242 mentions.
Happy HVAC technician wearing coveralls, holding a wrench and interacting with a friendly robot in a futuristic HVAC system..
National hvac tech day, 757 mentions.
A smiling young woman enjoying a luscious peach covered in creamy goodness, surrounded by a vibrant summer picnic scene..
National peaches and cream day, 663 mentions.
A young indigenous person wearing traditional clothing, surrounded by symbols of indigenous culture, against a beautiful natural backdrop..
National indigenous excellence day, 236 mentions.
Young woman wearing a kp t-shirt, enjoying a picnic with friends, vibrant park setting, 90s fashion accents..
National kp day, 201 mentions.
Young person with their phone, striking a pose in front of a scenic backdrop, wearing trendy clothes and accessories..
National selfie selfie day, 190 mentions.
A young scholar with glasses, reading a book, sitting in a cozy study room filled with academic decorations and surrounded by piles of books..
National scholar day, 136 mentions.
A professional office setting with a cat leisurely sitting on a desk, wearing a tiny tie, surrounded by office supplies and papers..
National take your cat to work day, 107 mentions.
A joyful person holding an eclair, wearing a chef's hat, surrounded by a kitchen filled with baking supplies and sweet treats..
National eclair day, 95 mentions.
A cheerful kitchen porter in a classic apron, scrubbing a sparkling pot in a busy restaurant kitchen with pots and pans clattering around..
National kitchen porter day, 94 mentions.
Young person with a thoughtful expression, dressed in casual modern attire, urban cityscape in the background..
National common sense day, 78 mentions.
A young explorer holding a copy of National Geographic magazine, wearing a watch, ready to uncover the mysteries of time in a diverse landscape..
National geographic and time on the same day, 64 mentions.
A professional office space with a cute doge sitting next to a desk, wearing a small tie, surrounded by paperwork and a computer..
National bring your doge to work day, 63 mentions.
An HVAC technician wearing a tool belt and safety goggles, standing in front of an industrial cooling unit..
National hvac technician day, 60 mentions.
Family hiking in a national park, wearing matching t-shirts, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a picnic scene..
National pakr on last day, 57 mentions.
A group of diverse people gathered under a tree during a thunderstorm, wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas, city skyscrapers in the background..
National lightning safety awareness week day, 38 mentions.