What national day is it today?

1st: Jelly Bean day with 5832 mentions across social media.
Did you know that it wasn't until the 1930s that jelly beans became a popular Easter treat? Or that the creator of the Jelly Belly brand was once penniless, living in a mobile home? Talk about a sweet success story!
2nd: Stephen Lawrence day with 3738 mentions across social media.
Ever wondered why National Stephen Lawrence Day is marked on the 22nd of April? This was the day that Stephen Lawrence tragically lost his life, creating an ever-lasting imprint on the world.
3rd: Earth day with 3078 mentions across social media.
Did you know that the Earth Day 2016 holds the record for most trees planted in a single day? A whopping 50 Million! Now that's a green thumb.

Today's national days

A joyful child exploring a colorful jelly bean wonderland, wearing a polka dot dress, summer picnic scene..
National jelly bean day, 5832 mentions.
A diverse group of people, dressed in colorful and stylish clothes, gathered in a digital archive, symbolizing unity and celebration of National Stephen Lawrence Day..
National stephen lawrence day, 3738 mentions.
A joyful girl surrounded by lush greenery, wearing a wide-brimmed hat and a nature-themed t-shirt, exploring the wonders of National Earth Day..
National earth day, 3078 mentions.
A group of professional-looking individuals in an office setting, wearing stylish business attire, confidently managing tasks and maintaining a calm and organized environment..
National administrative professionals day, 1950 mentions.
Person wearing business attire, holding a clean drug test result, surrounded by stacks of job application forms..
National weed drug testing unemployment day, 639 mentions.
Colorful jellybeans arranged in a playful pattern, accompanied by a group of young children in summer outfits, enjoying a picnic in a sunny park..
National jellybean day, 432 mentions.
A big sun rising over a city skyline, representing the dawn of hope for national debt, with various people dressed in business attire, expressing relief and happiness..
National debt is night and day, 268 mentions.
Young adult surrounded by colorful smoke, wearing tie-dye shirt, hippie fashion, outdoor music festival atmosphere..
National everyones a stoner surprise drug test unemployment day, 253 mentions.
A group of people in a bustling office, with a superhero cape-wearing admin expertly juggling paperwork and organizing chaos, surrounded by colorful sticky notes and an organized desk..
National admin day, 232 mentions.
Young woman holding a safety awareness brochure, wearing a yellow ribbon on her wrist, in a serene park setting..
National stalking awareness day, 124 mentions.
Young child waving a flag, wearing a crown, in a colorful playground filled with laughter and joy..
National sovereignty and children day, 90 mentions.
A diverse group of high school students with headphones, mixing boards and microphones, broadcasting live in a colorful radio station studio..
National high school radio day, 89 mentions.
A cheerful person wearing safety goggles, holding an electrical cord, surrounded by power lines, with a cityscape in the background..
National grid expects day, 85 mentions.
Cheerful administrative assistant at a desk, wearing professional attire, surrounded by office supplies and a sign celebrating National Administrative Assistant Day..
National administrative assistant day, 76 mentions.
Young people wearing various fashionable casual outfits in urban, suburban, and rural settings, celebrating National Civvies Day with confidence and style..
National civvies day, 66 mentions.
Young adults sharing laughter while wearing matching t-shirts, beach background, vibrant colors, National partners and advocates for a Day..
National partners and other advocates for a day, 60 mentions.
A diverse group of children smiling and holding hands, wearing bright and colorful clothes, in a school playground setting..
National bullying day, 54 mentions.
Young woman sitting in a movie theater, holding a tub of popcorn, surrounded by iconic Canadian film characters and landmarks..
National canada film day, 51 mentions.
Group of diverse individuals planting trees in a lush forest, wearing eco-friendly t-shirts, surrounded by colourful flowers..
National geographic earth day, 44 mentions.
Happy parents running with strollers, wearing athletic outfits, scenic park setting with autumn leaves..
National stroller running day, 40 mentions.