National Maple Syrup Day

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Welcome, my syrup loving friends, to the stickiest, sweetest, and most lip-smackingly good day of the year! National Maple Syrup Day has been delighting breakfast lovers and lumberjacks around the world, one pancake stack at a time. Today we will journey to the heart of this much-loved day and explore its glorious online history. So grab your spoons, and let’s dig in!

When is Maple Syrup Day?

It's national maple syrup day on the 17th December.

A Sticky Situation

Maple syrup. That golden, aromatic sweetener that turns the plainest pancake into a piece of morning royalty. On the internet, this royal status truly shines bright! With a staggering 3652 mentions online, this entity gets its well-deserved cyberspace recognition. This may seem like an overwhelming amount of love for a simple breakfast condiment, until you have that first taste on a chilly morning, mixed with butter on a fluffy pancake. Then you understand the hype.

The Day Internet Fell In Love With Syrup

The syrupy love was at its peak on December 17, 2019. Each online mention that day was a testament to the undeniable taste, texture, and versatility of maple syrup. No pancakes? No problem! You'd be surprised how many other items are elevated by this majestic tree juice. The common doughnut, the ambitious roast ham, the humble oatmeal, all have been transformed from everyday food items to gourmet cuisine with just a drizzle of this beloved concoction. Clearly, the internet has a sweet tooth!


So, there you have it folks! National Maple Syrup Day and its online presence is as sweet and delightful as the condiment it celebrates. As we move forward, let's remember to pour a little extra syrup on our pancakes, bask in its glorious sweetness and pay a toast to the maple trees who make it all possible. Until next time, syrup lovers!

History behind the term 'Maple Syrup'


Discovery of Maple Syrup

The origins of maple syrup date back to 1770 when Native Americans and Indigenous peoples in North America discovered the sweet liquid inside maple trees. They would pierce the trees and collect the sap, which they then boiled to create a syrup.


Early European Colonists

In the early 1600s, European colonists in North America learned about maple syrup from the Indigenous peoples. They quickly adopted the practice of collecting sap and boiling it to make their own syrup.


Improvements in Syrup Production

During the 1800s, advancements were made in syrup production. Metal tools replaced wooden ones, making the process more efficient. Additionally, the use of evaporators and sugarhouses improved the quality and consistency of maple syrup.

Late 1800s

Commercial Production

By the late 1800s, maple syrup production had become a commercial venture. Farmers and producers began tapping multiple trees and large-scale production of maple syrup began. The industry gradually expanded, particularly in regions with abundant maple trees like the northeastern United States and Canada.

20th Century

Bottled Maple Syrup

In the early 20th century, technology allowed for the mass bottling and distribution of maple syrup. It became a popular sweetener and a versatile ingredient in cooking and baking. With its distinct flavor, maple syrup gained recognition as a Canadian and northeastern U.S. specialty.


Cultural Significance

Today, maple syrup holds cultural significance in regions known for its production. In Canada, the province of Quebec is the largest producer of maple syrup globally. Maple syrup products, such as maple candy and maple cream, are beloved treats enjoyed by people around the world. Maple syrup festivals and events celebrate this natural sweetener, showcasing its importance in local traditions.

Did you know?

Did you know that it takes about 40 gallons of sap from a sugar maple tree to produce just 1 gallon of pure maple syrup? That's a lot of tree love!


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