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Is there a better way to celebrate your future than by making a big decision? Of course not! Welcome, seekers of wisdom, to our internet-based treasure trove dedicated to 'National Decision Day'. A day when we all come together to take a leap and make those choices we've been putting off.

When is Decision Day?

It's national decision day on the 2nd May.

A Briefly Deep Dive into National Decision Day

Did you know that amidst the 17465 mentions we busy internet bees counted, National Decision Day found its giddy peak on the 2nd of May 2020? From discussions about deciding on your career path to choosing which socks to wear, the internet was a-buzz with numerous exciting decisions.

What's It All About?

Most commonly associated with high school seniors making decisions for their future, National Decision Day was seemingly designed as a pressure pot for teens already on the edge. It typically lands on May 1st, which is typically the deadline for many college applications, setting the stage for all the drama. But let's not limit ourselves. We're all about choices here, eh?

A Day of Epic Choices

If the internet serves as a digital representation of our communal conscience, Decision Day 2020 was the day we all cried out loud 'I choose _____!' (fill the blank with your life-altering decision). Ephemerally significant choices were made, reshaping our individual and collective futures!

A Decision is a Powerful Thing

From career to romance or food to finance, Decision Day covers it all. A day that invites us to look inwards, step up, and act with intention. A day that, while often seen as a signpost moment for teens, invites everyone to participate, make a decision and embrace the future with both arms!

History behind the term 'Decision'

14th century

Etymology of 'decision'

The term 'decision' traces its roots back to the 14th century Middle English word 'decisioun', derived from the Old French word 'decision' meaning 'decision, settlement'. This term originated from the Latin word 'decisionem', which means 'a decision, a settling', derived from the verb 'decidere', meaning 'to cut off, to decide'. The term carries the concept of cutting off or dividing to make a choice or come to a conclusion.

17th century

Legal context of 'decision'

During the 17th century, the term 'decision' gained significance in the legal domain. It referred to the act of resolving or settling a dispute through the authoritative pronouncement of a judge or court. In this context, a 'decision' represented a final determination that concluded legal proceedings. The term came to be associated with the authoritative power of judges to render judgments, influencing the course of legal history.

18th century

Expanding into general usage

As societies grew more complex, the term 'decision' expanded beyond legal contexts and found broader usage in everyday language during the 18th century. It became a common term to depict the act of making a choice, settling a matter, or reaching a conclusion. 'Decision' symbolized the power of individuals to weigh options, make determinations, and take decisive actions in various aspects of life.

20th century

Psychology and decision-making

In the 20th century, the term 'decision' gained attention within the burgeoning field of psychology. Researchers explored the cognitive processes and factors influencing decision-making, aiming to understand how individuals make choices, evaluate risks, and assess alternatives. This led to the development of decision-making models and theories, shedding light on human behavior and the intricacies involved in the decision-making process.

Present day

Ubiquity and influence of 'decision'

Today, the term 'decision' permeates countless aspects of our lives, influencing personal, professional, and societal spheres. It plays a crucial role in fields such as business, politics, science, and ethics. 'Decision' encapsulates the power to choose, define, and shape paths, both individually and collectively. With its rich history and multidimensional significance, the term serves as a testament to humanity's quest for resolve, judgment, and informed choices.

Did you know?

Interestingly, the surge of online grocery orders on National Decision Day also indicates that people might finally make that long-procrastinated decision to cook at home, chips be damned!


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