Close-up of a steaming lobster on a plate, surrounded by beach-themed decor and people enjoying a seafood feast..
National lobster day
A joyful person holding a plate of succulent shrimp, wearing a beach hat, tropical vacation setting, surrounded by palm trees and ocean waves..
National shrimp day
Succint image prompt for National Oyster Day: Woman in nautical attire, against a vibrant coastal backdrop, holding an oversized pearl with a childlike sense of wonder..
National oyster day
A sophisticated setting with champagne glasses and a silver spoon, showcasing an exquisite plate of caviar accompanied with elegant, well-dressed individuals..
National caviar day
Joyful person in a seafood restaurant, smiling while enjoying a plate of shrimp scampi, surrounded by nautical decor and a coastal setting..
National shrimp scampi day