Young person in a lab coat holding a DNA double helix model, wearing safety goggles, modern laboratory setting..
National dna day
Young girl wearing safety goggles, holding a magnifying glass, surrounded by colorful science experiment materials and mathematical equations on a chalkboard..
National stem day
Paleontologist wearing a wide-brimmed hat, gently brushing off dirt from a dinosaur skull, surrounded by ancient fossils and tools of excavation..
National fossil day
Chemistry student holding a periodic table chart, wearing a lab coat, surrounded by colorful beakers and test tubes..
National periodic table day
A playful child holding a battery, wearing a superhero cape, surrounded by a room filled with toys and books..
National battery day
Young adult sitting in a serene, nature-filled setting, meditating with closed eyes, wearing loose, bohemian clothing, surrounded by colorful kaleidoscope patterns..
National ketamine day
Young children conducting a science experiment in a colorful classroom lab, wearing lab coats and safety goggles, surrounded by beakers and test tubes..
National science day