Young children walking hand-in-hand, wearing backpacks and crossing guard vests, with a colorful school bus in the background..
National walk to school day
Medical professional applying pressure to a dressed wound on a person's arm, wearing blue scrubs, hospital setting, with concerned family members nearby..
National stop the bleed day
Young couple holding hands, surrounded by hearts, wearing casual Valentine's Day outfits, park setting..
National condom day
A meteorologist holding a weather map, wearing a raincoat, standing near a lighthouse with crashing waves in the background..
National hurricane center day
A group of diverse friends, laughing and wearing summer clothes, enjoying refreshing treats at the beach..
National heat awareness day
A cheerful group of people, dressed in safety vests and hard hats, working together at a construction site with a vibrant city skyline in the background..
National safety day
A cheerful school crossing guard standing at a busy intersection, wearing a high visibility jacket and holding a stop sign. They have a warm smile on their face while helping a group of school children cross the road safely. The scene is set on a sunny morning with colorful backpacks and lunch boxes scattered around..
National school crossing guard appreciation day