A group of friends dressed as iconic Star Wars characters, posing with lightsabers in a sci-fi convention setting..
National star wars day
Young woman in pink plaid skirt, talking on flip phone, surrounded by friends wearing matching pink outfits and carrying Starbucks cups..
National mean girls day
A sneering man in a suit, standing on a red carpet, smirk turned up to 11, with a backdrop of an evil lair..
National villain day
Adorable cartoon elephant with a friendly smile, wearing a colorful Hawaiian shirt, surrounded by palm trees and tropical vibes..
National ellie day
Group of friends wearing 80s fashion, sitting in a vintage cinema, surrounded by movie posters and holding buckets of popcorn..
National movie day
Young child dressed as a friendly monster, wearing colorful costume, surrounded by spooky decorations.
National monster day
A group of people watching a movie on a big screen, dressed in different styles, surrounded by popcorn and laughter..
National entertainment day