mental health

A diverse group of people holding hands, dressed in bright colors, surrounded by uplifting messages and symbols of hope..
National suicide prevention day
Young child handing a flower to an elderly person, both wearing warm winter clothing, snowy park scene..
National random acts of kindness day
A group of diverse people gathered in a cozy living room, showing support and empathy for one another, surrounded by books, plants, and warm lighting..
National depression screening day
A diverse group of individuals supporting one another, dressed in comfy clothing, surrounded by nature and engaging in calming activities..
National ptsd awareness day
Young person on phone, sitting in dimly lit room with curtains closed, wearing headphones, a cozy sweater, and a concerned expression..
National suicide prevention and crisis hotline is open twenty four hours a day
Succint image prompt containing references to National Leave Me Alone Day, with a person enjoying solitude, comfy clothing, cozy reading nook, surrounded by nature..
National leave me alone day