Kind-hearted nurse in scrubs, comforting a patient with a smile, hospital setting, stethoscope and medical equipment nearby..
National nurses day
Cheerful person wrapped in a cozy blanket, reading a book by candlelight, surrounded by vintage photos and period-themed accessories..
National period day
Cheerful elderly couple sitting in a garden, wearing casual attire, surrounded by beautiful flowers and holding a document related to healthcare decisions..
National healthcare decisions day
Young woman in nurse uniform, comforting patient, hospital setting, holding stethoscope and smiling warmly..
National nurse day
A physician in a white lab coat with stethoscope, holding hands with supportive friends, against a backdrop of a serene hospital scene..
National physician suicide awareness day
A friendly pharmacist wearing a white lab coat, holding a prescription bottle with smiling customers in a bright and modern pharmacy..
National pharmacist day