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Say 'sayonara, suckers!' to your serious face, because we're dropping news of a day that's been getting a lot of love online: National Youth Day! No joke, folks, we stood waist-deep in clutches of internet data to find that National Youth Day is a pretty hot topic; flaming almost as hot as your favorite spicy nacho chips. By the way, remember when phone cords didn't stretch further than a foot? Yep, we're that thorough in our info hunt!

When is Youth Day?

It's national youth day on the 12th January.

A Brief History of National Youth Day

Kick up your vans, friends, because we're here to surf the waves of the online world and dive deep into the virtual sea about the history of the National Youth Day. Always observed on the 12th of January, this day is dedicated to celebrating the energy and enthusiasm of the young people that form our society's backbone. This day saw an immense number of mentions on the internet in 2021, with people around the globe throwing virtual confetti on this special day.

The Purpose of National Youth Day

While we can't listen to an eternal loop of 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor on a Walkman at this point in our lives, we can absolutely remember what it feels like to be young, reckless, and not give a fiddle about impending back pain. National Youth Day is all about acknowledging this spirit, it has become an annual opportunity to honor the contributions and achievements of our young people. While the youth get to enjoy the limelight, parents get an excuse to gush over their offspring's achievements and possibly embarrass them in the process – it’s a win-win!

The Internet Hype

Can we get an 'aye' for the fact that the internet exploded with 117,138 mentions of National Youth Day on January 12, 2021? The world wide web was practically raining 'youth spirit' hashtags that day. That's enough to fill up the servers of a young, growing tech startup! But we're not denying it created a remarkably warm sense of community and shared belief in the power of youth around the globe.

History behind the term 'Youth'

Old English Era (c. 450-1066)

Origins rooted in the Old English language

The term 'youth' has its roots in the Old English language, derived from the word 'youthe' or 'geoguð.' In this era, 'youth' referred to the stage of life between childhood and adulthood. It denoted the period of growth and development, characterized by youthful energy and vigor.

Medieval Era (c. 1066-1485)

Transition to feudalism shapes the concept of youth

During the Medieval Era, the concept of youth began to take on a more distinct meaning. Feudalism, the prevailing social and economic system, heavily impacted the experience of youth. Young individuals were assigned specific roles and responsibilities within feudal households, such as serving as pages or apprentices. This period saw the emergence of 'youth' as a distinct phase of life with its own set of expectations.

Renaissance Era (c. 14th-17th century)

Youth as a period of transformation and exploration

The Renaissance period marked a significant shift in how youth was perceived. It was considered a time of transformation and exploration, both intellectually and emotionally. The humanist movement emphasized the potential for individual growth and learning during youth. This era witnessed the rise of youth-focused educational institutions, such as universities and academies, providing specialized education to young individuals.

Industrial Revolution (c. 18th-19th century)

Youth in the age of industrialization

The Industrial Revolution brought about profound changes in society, including the experience of youth. With the transition from agrarian to industrial economies, young people increasingly migrated to urban centers in search of job opportunities. The rise of child labor and the exploitation of young workers became pressing issues. Youth activism and social reform movements began to advocate for better working conditions, education, and child welfare.

20th Century

Youth culture and the pursuit of self-expression

The 20th century witnessed the emergence of a distinctive youth culture. The advent of mass media, such as radio, television, and later the internet, enabled the spread of youth-oriented music, fashion, and entertainment. The rebellious spirit of youth found expression in various subcultures, like the beat generation, hippies, punks, and many more. Youth became synonymous with experimentation, counter-culture movements, and the quest for individuality.

Modern Era

Empowerment and social engagement

In the modern era, the concept of youth continues to evolve. Youth empowerment and engagement have taken center stage, with young individuals becoming actively involved in social and political issues. Youth-led movements advocating for climate action, human rights, and social justice have gained widespread attention. The term 'youth' now encompasses not only a stage of life but also represents a powerful force for change and progress in society.

Did you know?

Did you know that National Youth Day is celebrated as Swami Vivekananda's birthday in India? That's right! The spiritual leader is considered a significant figure for Indian youth for his teachings on education, philosophy, and self-belief.


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