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Ah, National Youngboy Day, not to be confused with a day celebrating toddlers, or a particularly enthusiastic YMCA night out. Oh no, this is a day that, according to our cyberspace whispers, pays respect to a popular hip-hop artist known as NBA YoungBoy - a national day with a beat!

When is Youngboy Day?

It's national youngboy day on the 11th September.

A Beat-Yful Day

The name NBA YoungBoy may sound like the starting lineup of a junior basketball team, but it's actually a striking persona in the music world. Born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, the Louisiana rapper embraced his moniker, NBA YoungBoy, which stands for 'Never Broke Again'. And speaking of breaking, our site started picking up mentions of 'National Youngboy Day' in 2020. Lively online chatter, fueled by the artist's fan base, seemed to ignite a digital wildfire on the 11th of September, signifying a day for celebrating the rapper's contributions to the music scene.

Put it in Your Calendar

Whilst National Youngboy Day doesn't quite have the historical weight of, say, National Cheese Pizza Day, it nevertheless made a flashy entry into the informal catalog of online observances. It highlights the power of the internet, especially social media, to create 'days' commemorating just about anything. So, remember to mark your calendars, or at least your social feeds, for the next September 11th, and be prepared to stream some melodies. We'd recommend 'Dirty Iyanna' or 'House Arrest Tingz' to anyone into hip-hop.

Dance Like Everyone's YouTubing

So, what's the protocol for National Youngboy Day? Well, the rules seem pretty relaxed. Like a casual Friday with a rhythm. Sharing NBA YoungBoy's music, posting about him using relevant hashtags, or even busting your best moves to his tracks at home seem like fitting activities. And remember, when booting up your killer dance routine, we're all #StayingAtHome anyway, what's there to lose? Just don’t accidentally upload it to the office Zoom chat, unless you work at a remarkably hip record label.

History behind the term 'Youngboy'


The Birth of a Slang Term

The term 'youngboy' is believed to have originated in urban communities in the United States during the Harlem Renaissance era. It emerged from African American Vernacular English (AAVE) and became a popular slang term used to refer to a young and stylish male individual. The term gained popularity due to its association with youthful energy, creativity, and independence.


Jazz and Swing Culture Influence

During the 1940s, the term 'youngboy' started to be associated with the vibrant jazz and swing culture. Young musicians, often considered rebellious and avant-garde, embraced the term as a symbol of their free-spiritedness and artistic expression. It became common to hear jazz enthusiasts referring to themselves or their peers as 'youngboys' to emphasize their involvement in the thriving music scene.


Hip Hop Era and the Rise of 'Youngboy'

The term 'youngboy' experienced a resurgence in popularity during the 1970s with the emergence of hip-hop culture. As hip-hop spread throughout urban communities across the United States, it brought along a new wave of slang terms. 'Youngboy' became widely used within the hip-hop community and carried connotations of street credibility, confidence, and ambition. It began to represent a specific archetype of a young and determined individual striving for success.


Contemporary Usage and Mainstream Exposure

In the 2010s, the term 'youngboy' skyrocketed in popularity with the rise of social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. Influential figures in the music industry, such as rappers and producers, started adopting 'youngboy' as part of their stage names, further propelling its exposure to a wider audience. The term became synonymous with youth culture, urban fashion, and modern street style, transcending its origins as a simple slang term to become a recognized and celebrated expression of youthful identity.

Did you know?

Did you know that NBA YoungBoy evolved through his career, having once been known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again? Talk about a brand refresh!


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