National Yellow Day

A bright and sunny image featuring a person wearing a yellow shirt, surrounded by vibrant yellow flowers in a garden. The person has a big smile on their face, radiating happiness. They are holding a yellow balloon, which adds to the joyful atmosphere. The scene is filled with warmth and positivity, embodying the spirit of National Yellow Day. .
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Welcome to the sunshine-filled merriment of National Yellow Day! If you think this is an excuse to fuel up on butterscotch candy and wear your canary suit, well, it honestly isn't. But we won't stop you from adding a pop of color to your day, either!

When is Yellow Day?

It's national yellow day on the 19th May.

A Glimpse into National Yellow Day

While our research has found only 15 mentions of this obscure event online, it appears the most acknowledgment it's ever received was on 19th May, 2019. Amusingly enough, National Yellow Day doesn't have a long-standing tradition or a riveting historic event attached to it. Perhaps people decided to celebrate because they stumbled upon a half-price sale on yellow ties and thought, why not? Regardless of its origins, there's something undeniably sunny about devoting a day to a color that's synonymous with happiness, creativity, and radiation suits (minus the last part).

Making the Most of National Yellow Day

Revel in this day in any way that makes your heart feel radiantly yellow. Slap on a marigold sweater, sip your lemon-infused water, gawk at sunflowers, or better yet, watch the 'Yellow Submarine' by The Beatles. After all, the world does need more yellow submarines and less routine, right?

A Journey from the First Mention

In our digital excavation, the first mention of National Yellow Day traces back to some underground internet forum by a user named 'MangoLover93', claiming it was their least favorite day of the year. Ever since, the day has inexplicably been gathering moderate, yet cheerful traction. Maybe because MangoLover93 didn't quite take to the fad for yellow, it paradoxically sparked curiosity in others!

History behind the term 'Yellow'

4th century AD

Origins in Ancient China

The term 'yellow' finds its origins in ancient China, where it was associated with the emperor and the imperial dynasty. In Chinese culture, yellow symbolized power, royalty, and the center of the universe. Only the emperor was entitled to wear yellow robes as a mark of his divine authority.

14th century

The Emergence of the Color Name

During the 14th century, the English language started incorporating the term 'yellow' to specifically describe the color. It derived from the Old English word 'geolu' or 'geolwe,' which ultimately had roots in the Germanic and Norse languages. The word gradually gained usage and became standardized as the name for the color.

17th century

Yellow in Art and Symbolism

Yellow pigments, such as lead-tin yellow, began to be widely used by artists during the 17th century. This allowed for the depiction of vibrant yellows in paintings, adding a new element to the visual arts. Symbolically, yellow came to represent qualities like joy, optimism, warmth, and enlightenment.

19th century

Yellow Fever and Its Impact

In the 19th century, the term 'yellow' took on a new association with disease. Yellow fever, a viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes, caused symptoms like yellowing of the skin and eyes, hence the name. The term 'yellow' began to carry negative connotations due to its association with this devastating disease.

20th century

Yellow Journalism

The term 'yellow' gained another cultural association in the 20th century with the rise of 'yellow journalism.' This type of journalism was characterized by sensationalism, exaggerated stories, and biased reporting to attract readers. It was named after 'The Yellow Kid,' a popular comic strip of the time, printed on yellow paper.

Modern Era

Yellow as a Symbol of Happiness

In modern times, yellow has reclaimed its positive associations and is often considered a symbol of happiness, optimism, and energy. It is used prominently in various contexts, including branding, advertising, and psychology. The color yellow is believed to inspire creativity, positivity, and a sense of warmth.

Did you know?

Did you know that the human eye can distinguish 500 shades of grey but only about 30 shades of yellow? Maybe that’s why we have a National Yellow day to get us more acquainted with yellow!


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19th May 2019

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19th May 2019

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