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Why all the sudden fuss about October 3rd? Could it be due to its status as National White Girl Day? Caught your interest, didn't we? Don't worry, the pumpkin spice lattes and yoga pants aren't strictly required – everyone is welcome to join in the social media fun that has made this day an internet sensation.

When is White Girl Day?

It's national white girl day on the 3rd October.

When October 3rd Became 'The Day'

According to our savvy little platform here at, National White Girl Day peaked in popularity on October 3rd, 2015. On this auspicious day, yoga pants flowed freely, pumpkin spice lattes occupied almost every hand, and Instagram was awash in a soft, autumnal glow. The virtual world marked 38 specific mentions of this special day, creating a virtual sea of '_basic_' triumph.

Defining 'The Day'

But before you leap to conclusions, let's clarify what National White Girl Day isn't about. It's certainly not a day for stereotyping or negativity. Instead, this day sprung up as a celebration of the quintessentially 'basic' pleasures – the yoga classes, the scented candles, the endless group selfies, and the joy of a well-assembled charcuterie board.

A Cultural Phenomenon

Beneath the surface, National White Girl Day serves as a reminder of the power of internet culture and the ability of social media to create, spread, and popularize new traditions. It's a testament to our shared love of niche days that add an extra sprinkle of fun to our digital lives.

How to Celebrate?

If you want to raise a glass (or a Starbucks cup) to National White Girl Day, simply embrace those things remembered fondly as 'basic'. Put on your favorite oversized sweater, meet up with friends for brunch, or enjoy that beloved pumpkin spice latte. Regardless of who you are or where you're from, engaging in the fun is a way to unite under the banner of internet culture.

History behind the term 'White Girl'


Emergence of the term

In 2011, the term 'white girl' began gaining popularity, particularly within American communities. The term referred to a stereotype associated with young, often affluent, white women. It quickly became part of colloquial language, used to describe a certain lifestyle and appearance.


White girl problems

By 2013, the term 'white girl' had evolved to encompass a range of humorous portrayals of stereotypical behaviors associated with this group. The phrase 'white girl problems' emerged, often used to describe trivial or first-world issues, such as pumpkin spice latte addictions or difficulties choosing which UGG boots to wear.


White girl wasted

In 2014, the term 'white girl wasted' entered the cultural lexicon. It referred to a state of extreme drunkenness, often characterized by irresponsible behavior. This term, derived from the notion that white girls had a tendency to overindulge in alcohol, became popularized through social media and gained traction in popular culture.


Cultural appropriation

By 2015, the term 'white girl' became associated with debates surrounding cultural appropriation. Criticism arose regarding the adoption of certain cultural practices or styles by white women without understanding or respecting their historical or cultural significance. The term was used to point out instances where individuals were accused of appropriating aspects of other cultures.


Reclaiming the term

In recent years, there has been a movement to reclaim the term 'white girl' by individuals who identify as such. Some argue that the term has been unfairly used to stereotype and belittle a specific demographic. Through self-expression and empowerment, individuals challenge these stereotypes by embracing their own unique identities as white women.

Did you know?

Did you know that the phrase 'basic white girl' originated online as a playful jab at those who overly enjoy mainstream products and trends? Over time, it has morphed into a term of endearment celebrating uncomplicated pleasures.


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