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Whoosh! That's the sound of a can of whipped cream working its magic, a delightful sound that tickles our taste buds and brings a smile on our faces. Yes, we're talking about the eternally fluffy and utterly delightful whipped cream! And guess what, there's a whole day commemorating this champion of dessert toppings – National Whipped Cream Day. So grab your spoon...or better, the whole can...and let's delve into the lighthearted world of whipped cream!

When is Whipped Cream Day?

It's national whipped cream day on the 5th January.

The Sweet, Airy History of National Whipped Cream Day

Despite its sweet nature, National Whipped Cream Day has a surprisingly detailed history. The day marks the birthday of Aaron 'Bunny' Lapin, the inventor of Reddi-wip whipped cream, born on January 5th, 1914. Bunny revolutionized the whipped cream industry forever with his convenient and innovative spray can, and we've been on cloud 9...or rather cloud 'cream' ever since!

Our data shows that the online world is just as sweet on whipped cream as we are. We've detected an impressive 3362 mentions of National Whipped Cream Day! It seems everyone loves to honor Bunny and his dreamy, creamy creation. The most mentions were detected on 05 Jan 2017. Perhaps people were trying to sweeten up their New Year resolutions with a little bit of whipped cream.

Whip It Up: Celebrating National Whipped Cream Day

There are plenty of ways to celebrate National Whipped Cream Day. Of course, the most popular method is to enjoy some whipped cream in your favorite desserts or drinks. Hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles, anyone? Or why not go wild and experiment with new recipes featuring whipped cream – there's a world of creamy, dreamy recipes out there waiting to be explored!

Sharing the Creamy Love

Whipped cream isn't just for eating though – it's also about sharing the joy! On National Whipped Cream Day, many people show their creamy appreciation by sharing whipped cream themed gifs, pictures, and even craft ideas via social media. It's a day that's not just about enjoying whipped cream, but celebrating the sweetness it brings in our lives.

History behind the term 'Whipped Cream'

16th century

Origins of whipped cream

Whipped cream has a long and rich history that dates back to the 16th century. It is believed that the concept of whipping cream began in Europe during this time. People discovered that by agitating cream rapidly, it would become aerated and develop a light and fluffy texture, perfect for topping desserts or beverages.

17th century

Whisking cream by hand

In the 17th century, the process of making whipped cream was a labor-intensive task. Cream was traditionally whisked by hand, using a tool called a whisk. This method required considerable effort and time, making whipped cream a luxury reserved for the upper classes who could afford such indulgences.

19th century

Mechanical advancements

The 19th century brought significant advancements in technology, including the invention of mechanical devices that could aid in the preparation of whipped cream. Hand-operated rotary whisks and egg beaters made it easier to whip cream, reducing the time and effort required.


Whipped cream in a can

In 1904, the aerosol can was patented by a Norwegian engineer named Erik Rotheim. This invention revolutionized the food industry, and by the 1950s, it paved the way for the creation of whipped cream in a can. Pressurized with nitrous oxide, these cans allowed people to enjoy the convenience of ready-to-use whipped cream.

Modern times

Whipped cream variations

In modern times, whipped cream has become a beloved and versatile topping used in countless desserts, beverages, and even savory dishes. Professionals and home cooks have explored various ways to enhance whipped cream, adding flavorings like vanilla extract, sugar, or even liqueurs. Furthermore, alternative versions using non-dairy ingredients have emerged to cater to dietary preferences and needs.

Did you know?

Did you know that the aerosol whipped cream can was not Bunny Lapin's only invention? He also patented the first seamless, lined, lithographed beer can!


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