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Welcome to our unique tour through time and cyberspace, where we unravel the mysteriously hilarious origins of National 'What' Day. Providing you with the perfect excuse to ask all sorts of questionable queries, this Day ventures to alter the fabric of standardized national celebrations with a twist.

When is What Day?

It's national what day on the 4th October.

What on Earth is National 'What' Day?

Tracing its viral birth to the scenic realms of the internet, National 'What' Day is a delightful whirlwind of daily national events encapsulated in one universal celebration - the all-encompassing 'what'. Our data sets aflutter with 5515 mentions online. Its limelight moment? Drumroll, please...The 4th of October, 2016. This tongue-in-cheek celebration steals the cyber cake in being peculiarly versatile. Cases in point - 'What National Dessert Day is it?' or 'What National Pet Day is it?' - the opportunities are as endless as they are amusing.

The Birth of the 'What'

The genesis story of National 'What' Day isn't rooted in law or official proclamations. No, this Day was born as an internet joke, a playful reprieve from the otherwise rigid delineations of national days. And boy, did it spark into a well-loved internet sensation.

Why We Love National 'What' Day

With all the seriousness hovering around in our lives, National 'What' Day injects some welcome laughter into our calendars. It’s a day of curiosity and comedy rolled into one. Isn't it quite hilarious to learn about your favorite, obscure national days with the novelty of randomness? We certainly think so!

History behind the term 'What'

Old English Period (450-1100 AD)

The Origins of 'What'

The term 'what' can be traced back to the Old English period, which lasted from 450 to 1100 AD. During this time, the English language was still in its early stages of development, and 'what' emerged as a singular interrogative pronoun. It was used to inquire about unknown information or to seek clarification.

Middle English Period (1100-1500 AD)

Evolution of 'What'

In the Middle English period, which spanned from 1100 to 1500 AD, the term 'what' continued to evolve. It became more commonly used and started to take on various forms. 'What' began to function not only as an interrogative pronoun but also as a relative pronoun, allowing it to introduce subordinate clauses in sentences.

Early Modern English Period (1500-1800 AD)

Expansion of 'What'

During the Early Modern English period, which encompassed the years from 1500 to 1800 AD, the term 'what' further expanded its usage. It became more versatile and gained additional meanings and functions. Apart from its interrogative and relative pronoun roles, 'what' began to be used as an indefinite pronoun, as well as an adverb indicating intensity or surprise.

Modern English Period (1800-Present)

Contemporary Usage of 'What'

In the Modern English period, which began in the early 19th century and continues to the present day, the term 'what' has solidified its place in the language. It remains a fundamental interrogative pronoun, often used to initiate questions. Additionally, it is used in a range of idiomatic expressions, expressions of astonishment, and in colloquial or informal speech patterns.

Did you know?

Can you believe that in 2016, National 'What' Day was as hyped as the news of gravitational waves being detected for the first time? Now, that's a national day with strong 'pulling' power!


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