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A cute West Highland White Terrier posing in a sunflower field, wearing a stylish bandana, capturing the essence of National Westie Day. The dog is surrounded by a group of happy children, also wearing bandanas, enjoying a sunny picnic in a park..
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Hello lovely readers, brace yourselves because it's a tail-waggingly good day to learn about the adorable National Westie Day! With their white fluffy coats and round, friendly faces, these cute little dogs are hard to resist. And guess what? Their charisma doesn't just stop at charming humans in person, it even extends to the online world! We are not making this up. Let's unleash this tail-tastic journey!

When is Westie Day?

It's national westie day on the 20th March.

A Sniff into the Past

The National Westie Day is reserved for celebrating these loveable, feisty dogs and it has been gaining a considerable amount of traction online. On March 20th, 2021, the buzz reached its 'barking' peak with a total of 45 mentions! Yes, you heard it right. The internet decided that the West Highland White Terriers, or 'Westies' as we affectionately term them, deserved their own day of celebration and honestly, we're completely on board.

Paws and Pose!

Now, why would a breed like the Westie have a whole day dedicated to it? Simple, they are irresistibly cute and exceptionally good at posing for Instagram shots. These dogs have a jovial spirit that matches their adorable looks, making them very popular among pet lovers. And let's not forget their brilliant white fur that makes them stand out in any pack.

A Barking Broadcast

Speaking of popularity, social media played a significant role in bringing National Westie Day to light. The hashtag #Westie swept across various platforms, accompanied by countless adorable pictures of our four-legged pals. This day also brings awareness to the importance of adopting pets from shelters and not just buying them from pet stores.

Fetch Some Love

As you celebrate National Westie Day virtually or otherwise, remember to show some love to your furred friends, because every day is a good day to appreciate their loyalty and companionship.

History behind the term 'Westie'


Origins in Scotland

The term 'westie' originated in 1887 in Scotland, specifically in the West Highlands. The West Highland White Terrier, a popular breed of small Scottish dog, became affectionately known as the 'westie' by locals. These dogs were bred for hunting and were valued for their distinctive white coat, which made them easily distinguishable from other terrier breeds.


Recognition as a distinct breed

In 1904, the West Highland White Terrier was officially recognized as a distinct breed by the Kennel Club in the United Kingdom. This recognition further popularized the term 'westie' as a reference to the breed. The westie's friendly and lively nature, coupled with its adorable appearance, quickly made it a beloved companion and family pet.


Introduction to the United States

The westie's popularity reached the United States in 1933 when the first West Highland White Terriers were imported. The breed's allure captivated dog enthusiasts, and its distinct name, 'westie,' became widely recognized and used to refer to the breed not only in Scotland but also internationally.


Popularity surge post-World War II

After World War II, the popularity of the westie surged in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Many soldiers who had encountered these charming dogs during their time in Scotland brought them back home as loyal companions. The westie's increased visibility in popular culture and its association with a new sense of normalcy contributed to its rise in popularity.


Westie as a popular pet

By the 1960s, the westie had firmly established itself as a popular pet and companion dog. Its playful, energetic nature, combined with its adaptability, made it an ideal choice for families and individuals alike. The term 'westie' became firmly ingrained in popular vernacular as a way to describe this particular breed of terrier.

Did you know?

Did you know that Westies were originally bred for hunting? Now they mainly hunt for attention, belly rubs, and tasty treats!


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