National Wear Red Day

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Did you ever expect a color could command its own day? Well, strap your laughter belts cause it’s true! The fiery, passionate, and charming red is not just a symbol of love or stop signs anymore—it has its very own special day, and boy does it have a story to tell.

When is Wear Red Day?

It's national wear red day on the 3rd February.

The Vivacious Story of National Wear Red Day

National Wear Red Day, a day when people across the globe don their best rouge outfits, came into the digital spotlight after we observed a whopping 46,086 mentions online. Accentuating its popularity, 3rd February 2017 was the day when its fervor reached an all-time high, making red the new black of the internet.

Tale as Old as Internet Time

The origin of National Wear Red Day can be linked back to the early 2000s when a heart-healthy wave was washing over the internet. The idea was to raise awareness about heart disease, especially in women. Nothing screams attention like the color red, right? Thus, the first Friday of every February was christened as National Wear Red Day—an occasion to raise voice, spread love, and bring out those red sweaters gathering dust in your closet.

Wear Red and Make Heads Turn

Since its inception, National Wear Red Day has gradually evolved into an internet sensation. It's not just about health awareness anymore; it has morphed into a fun, exciting day,emancipating red from its Christmas shackles. From fashion trends, financial organizations promoting red-themed competitions, to sports teams clothed in scarlet, this day paints the town red. Property agencies might showcase red houses and interior designs, and romantics may don red outfits to express their feelings. And the cherry on this crimson cake? Even the sauciest corners of the web maintain PG-13, keeping things light, fun, and inclusive for everyone.

Did you know?

Did you know that in different cultures, red represents everything from joy to luck to life? Perhaps, wearing red brings us closer in more ways than one!


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9th March 2015

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3rd February 2017

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