National Wear A Thong Day

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Brace yourselves folks, as we dive into a relatively 'cheeky' spectacle in the world of national days - it's the National Wear a Thong Day! We found this one to be a little funny, if not blush-inducing. Rest assured, we're interpreting this day in the most wholesome way possible. Let's flip-flop our way into the story, shall we?

When is Wear A Thong Day?

It's national wear a thong day on the 5th July.

A Dip into the Archive

Our diligent data trackers caught an influx of activity centered around this day, with a total of 23 mentions online. The major hype was noted on the 5th of July 2018, when this day clung to the limelight. But, let's shatter a misconception here. When we say 'Thong', we're talking about the comfy slip-on footwear better known in many parts of the world as 'Flip-Flops'. Not, erm, the other kind you're potentially thinking about!

Why Celebrate?

To understand the catch here, picture a day where everyone shows off their sporty, casual side and slide around in their favorite pair of flip-flops, wherever they go. It's about breaking from the norms and embracing the freedom of, quite literally, letting your toes breathe. A quirky celebration, indeed!

How to Celebrate?

On National Wear a Thong Day, you can sport your favorite pair of thongs (the foot kind, remember!) and step out in style. From running errands to beach days, these versatile footwears fit the bill perfectly. Share a snap of your 'Flip-Flop Day Out' on social media as a nod to this day. You could even host a 'Thong-a-Thon' party where everyone turns up in their coolest flip flops. How fun is that?

History behind the term 'Wear A Thong'


The Birth of the Thong

In 1974, fashion designer Rudi Gernreich introduced the modern-day thong, which emerged as a daring alternative to traditional underwear. The thong was first showcased in his swimwear line and gained popularity for its minimalist design, featuring a narrow strip of fabric that vanished between the buttocks. Gernreich's creation revolutionized the way people thought about underwear and became a symbol of liberation and body positivity.


Thong Goes Mainstream

During the 1980s, the thong began to make its way into mainstream culture. It gained significant exposure when it was featured in the music video for the hit song 'Rio' by Duran Duran. The provocative nature of the thong caught the attention of the public and marked its entrance into popular culture. From this point forward, the thong started becoming an increasingly popular choice for both swimwear and intimate apparel.


The Rise of Visible Panty Lines

As fashion trends evolved, the desire to avoid visible panty lines (VPLs) became more prominent. This led to the surge in popularity of thong underwear in the late 1990s. Women embraced the thong as a solution to eliminate the telltale indentation of underwear beneath tight-fitting clothing. The concept of 'going commando' became less common as people sought to achieve a seamless look with the help of thong underwear.


The Thong Song Phenomenon

In 2001, the release of 'Thong Song' by Sisqó turned the thong into a cultural phenomenon. The song's catchy chorus and explicit lyrics about the appeal of women wearing thongs propelled it to the top of the charts. 'Thong Song' was not only a hit, but it also contributed to further popularizing the thong as an object of desire and a symbol of sensuality. The song's success solidified the thong's place in American pop culture.


Thong as Fashion Statement

In the 2010s, the thong continued to evolve beyond its functional purpose. It became an integral part of fashion statements and was frequently embraced as an edgy accessory. High-end designers started incorporating thongs into their runway shows, demonstrating its status as a fashionable and rebellious undergarment. The ever-growing popularity of thongs reflects the ongoing cultural shift towards body positivity and the celebration of individuality.

Did you know?

Did you know, the term 'thong' which is widely known as a style of undergarment in many countries, actually means 'Flip-Flops' in Australia? So in the Land Down Under, National Wear a Thong day would entail sporting casual footwear and not, ahem, the indecent exposure you might have imagined!


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5th July 2016

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5th July 2018

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