National Vietnam War Veterans Day

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Bust out your reading glasses and perhaps a helmet because we're about to jet you off into the world of the National Vietnam War Veterans Day. It's your ticket to commemorate, reminisce and understand a significant period in America’s history, but with supremely less jungles and more good vibes. So, ready? Let's jump in like a paratrooper on a surprise drill!

When is Vietnam War Veterans Day?

It's national vietnam war veterans day on the 29th March.

A Blast From The Past

The National Vietnam War Veterans Day receives a tidal wave of online attention every year. In 2020, we spotted a whopping 63578 mentions on the interwebs, with the peak celebrations landing on the 29th of March. To give you an idea, that's enough chatter to fill a whole squadron of veteran-operated walkie-talkies!

Saluting the Saluters

Unlike your garden variety national days that might involve hosting BBQs or adopting cats, this day gives an opportunity for the nation to say a resounding 'thank you' to its Vietnam veterans. And while the internet may never replace a formal salute or a medal, it sure does its part in amplifying that ‘thank you’ loud and clear across the world.

A Day to Remember

So why the 29th of March? Well, it commemorates the date in 1973 when the last U.S. combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam. The day also marks the safe return of Prisoners of War. So, pop that in your trivia book, folks! It's quite the important date.

Feeding the Festivities

Now, it wouldn't be a national day without some festivities. While the day is certainly wrapped up in solemn remembrance, there is also a place for a good old fashioned gathering. Virtual meetups, sharing of war-time recipes, storytelling sessions, the internet has certainly aided in creating a 'virtual' meet for its veterans.

History behind the term 'Vietnam War Veterans'


The Geneva Accords

After the French forces were defeated at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu, the Geneva Accords were signed, effectively ending the First Indochina War. As part of this agreement, Vietnam was temporarily divided into two separate countries: North Vietnam and South Vietnam.


Formation of the Viet Cong

In 1959, the Viet Cong, also known as the National Liberation Front (NLF), was formed in South Vietnam. Comprised of communist guerrilla fighters, the Viet Cong aimed to overthrow the South Vietnamese government and reunify Vietnam as a communist nation.


Gulf of Tonkin Incident

The Gulf of Tonkin incident occurred in August 1964 when the USS Maddox, a U.S. Navy destroyer, allegedly came under attack by North Vietnamese torpedo boats. This incident led to the U.S. government's authorization of increased military involvement in Vietnam.


American Troops Deployed

In March 1965, the United States sent its first combat troops to Vietnam. This marked the beginning of a significant escalation in American military involvement in the conflict.


Tet Offensive

The Tet Offensive was a series of surprise attacks by the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army on South Vietnamese cities during the lunar new year holiday. Although the offensive resulted in heavy casualties for the Viet Cong, it had a profound impact on American public opinion and further escalated opposition to the war.


Paris Peace Accords

In January 1973, the Paris Peace Accords were signed, officially ending the direct U.S. military involvement in the Vietnam War. The agreement called for a ceasefire, the withdrawal of American troops, and a political solution to the conflict.


Fall of Saigon

On April 30, 1975, North Vietnamese forces captured Saigon, the capital of South Vietnam, effectively ending the war. This event led to the reunification of Vietnam under communist rule.

Did you know?

Did you know? National Vietnam War Veterans Day was only officially recognized in 2017, thanks to Vietnam veteran and US Senator Pat Toomey's efforts.


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