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Is there a day that screams 'United we Stand' louder than National Veterans Day? Well, if there is, it’s on vacation! Strap on your stars and stripes as we venture into the history and heart of one of America's most celebrated occasions, National Veterans Day.

When is Veterans Day?

It's national veterans day on the 11th November.

Online Heroes of National Veterans Day

Based on the data from our site, National Veterans Day has been more than a blip on the internet's radar, with a stout 4735 online mentions. The crowning glory came on the 11th November 2020, when the virtual space seemed to don a patriotic hat, leading to peak mentions.

The Day Every Soldier was a Private

No, not that kind of private. National Veterans Day, unlike its more sombre cousin Memorial Day, is less about the loss and more about the living - a day to honour every brave soul who’s served in the military. Whether you fought in World War II or are currently serving, on this day we salute you! Even if you've only ever fought over the last slice of pizza, take a moment to think about these astounding warriors.

Can you Hear the Bugle?

The beloved bugle tune you hear on National Veterans Day can trace its origins back to ... no, not a bugle playing competition, but the end of World War I. The peace treaty with Germany to end the war was signed on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. Talk about timing! And that's why National Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11th.

Land(bank) of the Free

Well, real estate’s got to get in the game somehow! Did you know that after World War II, the GI Bill allowed veterans to borrow money to buy homes, leading to a surge in American suburbia? Commemorating Veterans Day can therefore also remind us of their significant impact on the nation's property landscape.

History behind the term 'Veterans'

Ancient Times

Warrior Cultures

During ancient times, warrior cultures such as the Spartans, Roman legions, and ancient Chinese armies held a high regard for their fighters who served in wars. These warriors would often be honored and celebrated for their bravery and contributions to their communities after returning from battle. This early concept of honoring those who served in wars laid the groundwork for the term 'veterans' to emerge in later years.


The United States

The term 'veterans' gained significant prominence in the United States after the American Revolutionary War. In 1789, President George Washington signed a measure known as the Pension Act, which provided pensions to disabled Revolutionary War veterans. This marked a formal recognition by the U.S. government towards those who had fought for independence.


Civil War and Formal Recognition

The American Civil War played a crucial role in solidifying the term 'veterans' and its recognition in society. With the significant number of soldiers involved on both sides, communities began to acknowledge the sacrifice made by these individuals. After the war, various veterans' organizations were formed, advocating for the rights and welfare of veterans. This period further elevated the term 'veterans' in the public consciousness, highlighting the importance of honoring those who had served in wars.


Armistice Day

In 1919, Armistice Day was established on November 11th to commemorate the end of World War I. It marked the recognition of the sacrifices made by veterans who fought in the 'war to end all wars.' Armistice Day later evolved into Veterans Day, expanding the honor to all American veterans who served in various conflicts. This change reflected the growing appreciation for veterans of different generations, emphasizing the collective reverence for those who have enlisted in military service.

Post-World War II

Globally Recognized Term

The term 'veterans' gained international recognition and significance following World War II. The massive scale of the war and the many countries involved led to a global understanding of the importance of acknowledging and supporting those who had served. Efforts to provide veterans with healthcare, education, and employment opportunities were initiated by various nations, further solidifying the term's cultural impact and its association with gratitude for military service.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first Veterans Day was declared in 1938 by Congress, they originally called it Armistice Day, it wasn’t until 1954 that President Eisenhower changed it to Veterans Day? So, it took 16 years for veterans to officially claim the day as their own!


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