National Vegemite Day

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Slap on a hat, pour a cuppa, and dip into that iconic, savory spread, because we're diving into National Vegemite Day! Get ready for a day that celebrates Australia's favorite 5am snack, pictured in countless lunchboxes and craved during many moments of homesickness across the globe.

When is Vegemite Day?

It's national vegemite day on the 15th June.

The Heart and Soul of a Nation - Aussie through and through!

Vegemite, more than being fermented yeast extract (yum!), is a symbol of Australian unity and spirit. The story begins in the early 1920s when Marmite imports were disrupted and a local, homemade spread filled the void. Its unique formula and unforgettable flavor made it a nationwide hit in no time, despite a rocky start. Since then, spread on toast or in sandwiches, Vegemite has been a cherished part of the Australian diet.

Internet's Love-Love Relationship with Vegemite

While every day might feel like Vegemite Day for Aussies, the internet officially recognized this unofficial national day on June 15, 2016, when online mentions of the savory spread hit an all-time high of 2319. From Twitter threads to blog posts declaring an undying love for Vegemite, the web was soon covered in a virtual layer of the brown, delicious paste.

Celebrating National Vegemite Day

Celebrating National Vegemite Day can be as simple as having some on toast for breakfast, or you could amp things up by organizing a Vegemite-themed party or trying out some inventive Vegemite recipes. Whatever way you choose to celebrate, remember to take a moment to appreciate the years of tradition and shared experiences that come with every jar of Vegemite.

History behind the term 'Vegemite'


Invention of Vegemite

Vegemite was invented by chemist and food technologist Cyril P. Callister in 1922. Callister was tasked by the Fred Walker Company, which later became Kraft Foods, to develop a spread from brewer's yeast. After extensive experimentation, he came up with the recipe for Vegemite, a dark brown paste with a salty and slightly bitter taste.


Introduction and Marketing

In 1923, Vegemite was introduced to the market as a nutritious and highly delicious food spread. It was marketed as a rich source of Vitamin B and an excellent addition to the Australian diet. The initial response was modest, but Vegemite slowly gained popularity over the years.


World War II Ration Packs

During World War II, Vegemite became an essential part of the Australian soldiers' ration packs. It provided a concentrated and nutrient-rich food source. The association of Vegemite with the war effort led to increased recognition and acceptance among the general public.


Vegemite vs. Marmite

In 1954, Vegemite faced competition from a similar British spread called Marmite. The Australian company launched an advertising campaign proclaiming 'We All Adore Our Vegemite!' with jingles and catchy slogans. This campaign helped Vegemite preserve its dominance in the Australian market.


Vegemite Song

In 1984, a popular advertising jingle known as the 'Vegemite Song' was aired. It featured lyrics like 'We're happy little Vegemites, as bright as bright can be.' The jingle became an iconic part of Australian culture and further cemented Vegemite's place in the hearts of Australians.


Australian National Icon

In 1998, Vegemite was officially declared a 'National Icon' by the Australian National Trust. This recognition highlighted the cultural significance of Vegemite in Australian society and its role as a staple food product. Vegemite had become synonymous with Australia itself.

Did you know?

Did you know Vegemite was nearly named 'Parwill'? This was an attempt to outwit Marmite with the slogan 'Marmite but Parwill', although this cheeky campaign sadly didn't stick.


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