National Vanilla Ice Cream Day

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Ah, Vanilla Ice Cream Day, that wonderful time of year when we celebrate the sublime simplicity of this classic flavor. If you don't think vanilla deserves its own day, think again fellow Creamers! Despite vanilla's reputation as being plain or boring, there's more to this delightful little treat than meets the eye. Buckle up, because we're about to go on a creamy adventure.

When is Vanilla Ice Cream Day?

It's national vanilla ice cream day on the 23rd July.

A Brief History

While it’s unclear who first declared the 23rd of July National Vanilla Ice Cream Day, we know this much: the internet took it up with gusto on July 23, 2018, when we discovered a whopping 3893 mentions of the day online! The humble vanilla bean has sure come a long way. Derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, this flavor was first cultivated by the Totonac people in Mexico, before being adopted by the Aztecs, and later the Spanish in the 15th century. From there, the popularity of vanilla spread across the globe, ultimately finding its way into our ice creams and our hearts.

Vanilla: More Than Just a Flavor

Despite its reputation as 'plain' or 'basic,' vanilla ice cream is anything but. The creation of this sweet treat involves a careful balance of creamy texture, sweet taste, and that subtle hint of vanilla essence that has, over time, become its signature. So the next time you scoop a dollop of vanilla ice cream into your bowl, remember the journey it took to get there.

How to Celebrate

Celebrating National Vanilla Ice Cream Day is a treat in itself. You can go big by throwing an ice cream maker party with friends and family, where everyone gets to make their own version of this classic dessert. Or you can enjoy a simple bowl of vanilla ice cream at home, appreciating the comfort and nostalgia it brings. However you choose to participate, just remember to take a moment to appreciate the amazing journey of this surprisingly interesting treat.

History behind the term 'Vanilla Ice Cream'


Discovery of vanilla beans

In the 1400s, vanilla beans were discovered in the lush rainforests of Mexico by the Totonac people. These indigenous people were the first to cultivate and use vanilla. They made a beverage called 'xoco-latl' by grinding vanilla beans with cacao and water, which was then frothed to create a flavorful and aromatic drink.


Introduction to Europe

The Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés encountered vanilla during his conquest of Mexico in 1520. He brought both cocoa beans and vanilla pods back to Spain but it wasn't until many years later that vanilla was recognized for its own distinct flavor. Initially, vanilla was primarily used as a flavor enhancer for chocolate drinks.

19th century

The process of hand-pollination

In the 19th century, a young enslaved boy named Edmond Albius from Réunion Island (formerly Bourbon Island) discovered the technique of hand-pollinating vanilla orchids. This discovery revolutionized the cultivation of vanilla since it allowed farmers to produce vanilla beans outside of its native habitat. This technique is still widely used today.


First commercial production

In 1841, the first commercial production of vanilla beans started in the Indian Ocean island of Réunion. This marked the beginning of large-scale vanilla cultivation and export. Vanilla quickly became a valuable commodity due to its unique and enticing flavor.

Late 19th century

Ice cream invention

During the late 19th century, the invention of the hand-cranked ice cream freezer made it possible for vanilla ice cream to become a popular treat. Vanilla was chosen as the base flavor for ice cream due to its versatility and ability to complement various toppings and mix-ins.


Vanilla ice cream: A staple

By 1904, vanilla ice cream had firmly established itself as a staple flavor in the United States. Its creamy and subtly sweet taste became beloved by people of all ages. Today, vanilla ice cream remains one of the most popular ice cream flavors worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'vanilla' came from 'vainilla,' the diminutive of 'vaina,' a Spanish word which means 'sheath'?! We're sheathing our spoons in a lovely bowl of vanilla ice cream today!


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