National Uwu Day

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Boasting a love language of its own, National uwu Day celebrates one of the internet's most popular emoticons. With a history encompassing both admiration for cute imagery and a special spot for amusement, 'uwu' has established itself as a lighthearted symbol globetrotting from screen to screen.

When is Uwu Day?

It's national uwu day on the 7th April.

Origins of National uwu Day

Our first record of National uwu Day peeks out from the dense foliage of the internet on 07 Apr 2018. This day marks a hilarious homage to the digital symbol, 'uwu', a fascinating internet phenomenon. An integral part of the internet's dialect, its trendiness tracing back to the Japanese and Korean cultures, often brought into lively play in animated forums and chit-chat bubbles.

Popularity of 'uwu'

When you spot 'uwu' in a conversation, imagine a face brimming with overwhelming joy or adoration. It's a lovely mirror to our fairy-tale inspired expressions, portraying intense cuteness or affection, a language of love. Suppose you're a fan of cute pandas doing tumble rolls or puppies with an irresistible charm. In that case, 'uwu' captures you going, 'Awww... can't handle the cuteness!', all wrapped neatly in a three-letter emoticon.

Why we Love National uwu Day

Something as simple, yet versatile as 'uwu', deserves its own special day on the social calendar. And who wouldn't love to pepper their chats and posts with some cute and cuddly 'uwu' vibes? It's a great way to kick-start a conversation or keep the messages beaming with absolute jauntiness and joy. Plus, it's top-tier for sprinkling some fun into office emails, just to keep things light!

Celebrating National uwu Day

We definitely recommend a liberal sprinkle of 'uwus' for your chats on this day and beyond. Share your favorite 'uwu'-worthy moments online with friends, family and even colleagues. And remember, much like laughter, 'uwus' are infectious and sure to spread the love!

History behind the term 'Uwu'


Origins of the Term

The term 'uwu' originated in online communities, particularly in the anime and manga fandoms. It is believed to have first emerged around the year 2005. 'uwu' is used as an emoticon to express various emotions, particularly a feeling of happiness, excitement, or affection. It represents a cute and innocent expression, often associated with kawaii (Japanese for 'cute') culture.


Spread in Online Communities

In the early 2010s, 'uwu' started to gain popularity across various online platforms, including social media, forums, and chat rooms. It became increasingly used to convey warmth, friendliness, or affectionate playfulness. 'uwu' is often used to portray a positive and endearing tone in text-based conversations, adding a touch of cuteness to the interaction.


Meme Culture and Internet Slang

By 2016, 'uwu' had become deeply ingrained in internet culture and meme communities. It was embraced as part of the internet slang lexicon, primarily associated with expressing adoration, admiration, or excitement. The term became a key element in creating Moe or kawaii aesthetics within online communities, and its usage extended beyond anime and manga circles.


Emoji and Visual Representations

As the concept of 'uwu' continued to evolve, it transcended textual representation and started to be visualized through emoji and memetic art. Various artistic interpretations of 'uwu' emerged, featuring cute and playful characters expressing the sentiment associated with the term. The visual depictions further popularized 'uwu' and made it visually recognizable.


Popularity and Mainstream Usage

In recent years, 'uwu' has gained mainstream recognition and is widely used across different online communities. It has become a common term among internet users, transcending language barriers and cultural boundaries. 'uwu' is now often used to convey affection, express excitement, or simply add a touch of cuteness to digital interactions. Its popularity reflects the influence of internet culture on modern communication.

Did you know?

Uwu isn't just an emoticon; it's known as a 'kaomoji', a popular Japanese emoticon style combining 'kao' (face) and moji (character).


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