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Ever been unemployed and thought, 'Why is there no national day to commemorate my current state of joblessness?' Well, look no further! National Unemployment Day, which we first detected online booming with 175049 mentions, most notably on 17 Sep 2020, is here to assure you that you're not alone in the job-seeking journey!

When is Unemployment Day?

It's national unemployment day on the 17th September.

History of National Unemployment Day

It's tough to pinpoint when exactly National Unemployment Day originated, probably around the same time someone spilled their coffee during a fruitless job search and declared, 'Fiddlesticks! We need a day for this!' Regardless its origins, the trend boomed online on 17 Sep 2020, mounting up to 175049 mentions. Who knew so many people wanted to put their joblessness on the national map!

Acknowledging the Struggles

National Unemployment Day does not celebrate joblessness, but rather sheds light on the tribulations faced by those in between jobs, those who've been searching to no avail. It encourages affirmation, assurance and emphasizes on the importance of resilience. After all, it's a pit stop, not a destination.

Celebrating National Unemployment Day

So how do we honor such a day? Sit back, relax, binge-watch a few series, and chin up! You've got this. It's also a fantastic day to find group supports, enrol in new classes or create a killer CV. And most importantly, remember, out of adversity often comes opportunity!

History behind the term 'Unemployment'


The First Recorded Use

The term 'unemployment' was first recorded in 1883 in the English language. It emerged as a combination of the prefix 'un-' and the noun 'employment.' This new term captured the state of being without a paid occupation or work. Initially, it was used to describe the condition of individuals who were unable to find suitable employment amidst industrialization and the shift from an agrarian to an urban society.


Emergence of Unemployment as a Social Issue

By the 1890s, 'unemployment' gained recognition as a significant social issue amid increasing concerns over widespread joblessness. The term became a central focus of discussions among economists, policymakers, and social reformers. Efforts to quantify and understand unemployment were made to address its impact on societies, relating to economic stability, inequality, and social unrest.


The Great Depression

During the 1930s, the world experienced a severe economic downturn known as the Great Depression. This period witnessed an exceptional surge in unemployment rates worldwide. The devastation caused by the Great Depression led to the widespread use of the term 'unemployment' in public discourse and policy discussions. It forever etched the term into the collective memory as a symbol of economic crisis.


Birth of Modern Social Security Systems

In 1944, the historic Beveridge Report was published in the United Kingdom, which advocated for social insurance against unemployment. This report laid the groundwork for the creation of modern welfare states and the establishment of comprehensive social security systems. It brought attention to the importance of addressing unemployment as a societal responsibility, emphasizing the need for government intervention to provide a safety net for citizens.


International Labor Organization Definition

The International Labor Organization (ILO) formulated an official definition of unemployment in 1975. According to the ILO, an unemployed individual is someone who is without work, available for work, and actively seeking employment. This definition has been widely adopted globally and serves as a standard measure for determining unemployment rates across countries.

21st Century

Continued Relevance and Challenges

The term 'unemployment' remains highly relevant in the 21st century. It encompasses the economic and social implications of joblessness, including poverty, inequality, and social exclusion. Technological advancements and shifting labor markets continue to shape the dynamics of unemployment, creating new challenges such as structural unemployment and technological unemployment. Addressing and mitigating unemployment remains a critical issue worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know that while you may be having a 'no desk' day, over in Bhutan they annually celebrate National No TV Day? So while you're sans job, just imagine, someone out there is sans Game of Thrones!


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