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Ladies and Gentlemen, it's high time we rolled out the red carpet for a truly unique national day, celebrating a collective that many of us have been a part of, or are part of: The unemployed! Drumroll please, we're talking about National Unemployed Day!

When is Unemployed Day?

It's national unemployed day on the 17th September.

Get Your 'Unemployed Self' Ready

Yep, you read that right! National Unemployed Day is a thing, and it’s as real as chicken nuggets and Netflix binge-watching sessions. Judging by the whopping 29957 mentions online, many people were celebrating this unique day on 17th September 2020.

A Day to Embrace the Unexpectations

Regardless of whether you're in between jobs, taking a well-deserved break, or can sing along to every lyric because you’ve seen each episode of 'Friends' seventy times, this day is for you. It’s a day to embrace our unemployed selves, gather our pajama-clad troops and throw a party (or sleep-in late), because today there’s no pressure of accomplishments, tomorrow's to-do-list, or self-appointed professionals judging your resume's Arial font. It's about you and what you've chosen (or fate has chosen for you).

Little Known Facts

Despite its rather whimsical nature, National Unemployed Day speaks volumes about our society's ability to find humor in diverse facets of life. It’s about acknowledging that it's okay to be unemployed, and while it may bring along challenges, it can also offer countless opportunities for personal growth and self-discovery. And hey, let's not forget the joys of midday naps and picking your own 'work' hours.

History behind the term 'Unemployed'


Emergence of the term 'unemployed'

The term 'unemployed' emerged in 1601, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England. This term was used to describe individuals who were without any gainful occupation or means of earning a living. At the time, England was undergoing significant changes in its economy, with an increasing number of people finding themselves without work and struggling to make ends meet.


Rapid industrialization leads to a surge in unemployment

During the mid-19th century, rapid industrialization brought about significant changes in the labor market. The mass migration of workers from rural areas to urban centers led to a dramatic increase in the number of individuals seeking employment. As a result, the term 'unemployed' gained further prominence as societies grappled with the issue of widespread joblessness.


Formation of the International Association for the Legal Protection of Labour

In 1884, the International Association for the Legal Protection of Labour was formed. This organization aimed to address the growing concerns surrounding unemployment and workers' rights worldwide. Through lobbying efforts and advocating for labor reforms, the association played a significant role in highlighting the plight of the unemployed and pushing for protective labor legislation.


The Great Depression and the rise of unemployment benefits

The 1930s marked a pivotal period in the history of unemployment. The Great Depression triggered a global economic downturn, leading to a sharp increase in unemployment rates. Governments around the world, recognizing the need to support their citizens during this crisis, began implementing unemployment benefit programs to provide financial assistance to those unable to secure employment.


Shift in perception: Unemployment as a structural issue

During the 1970s, scholars and policymakers began to view unemployment differently. Rather than perceiving it solely as an individual's failure to find work, attention shifted towards understanding unemployment as a structural issue rooted in economic factors such as technological advancements and changing market dynamics. This shift in perception led to a greater emphasis on addressing structural unemployment through policies aimed at improving education, skills training, and creating new job opportunities.


Ongoing efforts to combat unemployment

Today, the term 'unemployed' continues to be a significant part of socio-economic discourse. Governments, non-profit organizations, and scholars worldwide continue to explore ways to address the challenges of unemployment. Efforts include job creation initiatives, entrepreneurship programs, and advancements in labor market policies to support and retrain individuals who are unemployed. Although progress has been made, the issue of unemployment remains a complex and multifaceted challenge in societies globally.

Did you know?

Did you know the day picked for National Unemployed Day, September 17, shares the date with Constitution Day in the US? The irony isn’t lost on us!


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