National Turkey Sandwich Day

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Ah, the turkey sandwich, the unsung hero of lunchtime. What would we do without its deliciousness wrapped up between two slices of bread? Well, thankfully, we don't have to find out because we have a whole day dedicated to celebrating this culinary masterpiece. Welcome to National Turkey Sandwich Day!

When is Turkey Sandwich Day?

It's national turkey sandwich day on the 27th November.

The Origins of National Turkey Sandwich Day

Do you ever wonder how certain national days come into existence? Well, the story of National Turkey Sandwich Day is quite interesting. It all began back in 2015 when the internet exploded with 37 mentions of this delectable creation on November 27th. The online world couldn't contain its excitement, and from that moment on, November 27th was forever marked as the day to honor the turkey sandwich.

But why November 27th? Some say it's because the day after Thanksgiving is the perfect time to enjoy leftover turkey in the form of a delicious sandwich. Others speculate that it's a strategic move to combat the post-Thanksgiving food coma. Whatever the reason, we're just glad National Turkey Sandwich Day is here to stay!

The Perfect Turkey Sandwich: A Work of Art

Now that we know the origin story, it's time to dig into what makes a turkey sandwich truly phenomenal. The possibilities are endless when it comes to crafting this handheld masterpiece. From the type of bread to the toppings and condiments, everyone has their own preferred turkey sandwich combination. Some like it simple with just turkey and mayo, while others pile on the lettuce, tomatoes, and a variety of cheeses.

But let's not forget about the bread. The bread choice can make or break a turkey sandwich experience. From classic white bread to hearty whole wheat or even a crusty baguette, the bread sets the foundation for all the flavors to come together.

And speaking of flavors, the condiments are not to be underestimated. Mustard, cranberry sauce, barbecue sauce, or even a dash of hot sauce can take a turkey sandwich to a whole new level. Experimentation is key here, folks.

A Turkey Sandwich for Every Occasion

The beauty of the turkey sandwich is its versatility. It's not just reserved for lunchtime or post-Thanksgiving leftovers. You can enjoy a turkey sandwich any day, any time! Whether you're packing it for a picnic or indulging in a midnight snack, the turkey sandwich is always a reliable and tasty choice.

So gather your loved ones, fire up the oven (or not, if you have leftovers), and celebrate National Turkey Sandwich Day in style. It's a day filled with deliciousness, satisfaction, and perhaps a few regrettable food comas. But hey, it's all part of the turkey sandwich experience!

History behind the term 'Turkey Sandwich'


The first recorded use of the term

The term 'turkey sandwich' was first recorded in 1762. However, this did not refer to the modern-day concept of a sandwich. At that time, the term meant a slice of turkey served between two slices of bread, without any additional fillings or condiments.


The popularization of turkey sandwiches

It wasn't until the 1820s that turkey sandwiches started gaining popularity. As transportation and refrigeration improved, turkey became more readily available across the United States. People began using leftover roast turkey from Thanksgiving or Christmas meals to make sandwiches, often adding cranberry sauce or gravy for flavor.


The introduction of sliced bread

In the early 1900s, the introduction of commercially sliced bread revolutionized sandwich-making. It made it easier and more convenient for people to make turkey sandwiches. Sliced bread quickly became a staple in American households, leading to an increase in the consumption of turkey sandwiches.


Turkey sandwiches in delis and diners

During the 1920s, delis and diners started offering turkey sandwiches as part of their menu. The affordability and availability of turkey made it an attractive option for these establishments. Turkey sandwiches became a popular choice among workers and the general public looking for a quick and filling meal.


Turkey sandwiches become a Thanksgiving tradition

In 1954, the first television dinner was introduced by Swanson. Alongside the traditional Thanksgiving meal, Swanson included a turkey sandwich, which became a hit. This sparked the tradition of using leftover turkey to make sandwiches after Thanksgiving, further cementing the association between turkey and sandwiches.


Varied and creative turkey sandwiches

Today, turkey sandwiches have evolved into a versatile dish with numerous variations. From classic turkey and cranberry sauce on wheat bread to gourmet creations with avocado, bacon, and spicy aioli, there is a turkey sandwich to suit every taste. It has become a go-to option for a quick and satisfying meal, loved by people all around the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that the average American consumes approximately 50 turkey sandwiches per year? That's a whole lot of gobbling goodness!


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