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Ah, the tulip. Holland's perennial symbol of 'Hello!' and one of nature's most insta-worthy creations. Now, did you know this charming flower has a day devoted entirely to its glorified existence? That's right! Buckle up, flower enthusiasts, as we delve into the blossoming world of National Tulip Day.

When is Tulip Day?

It's national tulip day on the 21st January.

A Blooming History

If you've been flowering under a rock, you might not know national Tulip Day is a great Dutch tradition which has turned heads and noses since the first leapt from the soil. Officially planted on the 21st of January 2012, it marks the start of the tulip season in the Netherlands and the world. It's a day where thousands flock to Amsterdam's Dam Square to pay their respects by picking a free tulip from a special pop-up garden containing over 200,000 tulips! Now, that's something you don't see every spring morning!

Why the Fuss?

The tulip is more than just pretty petals. It's a symbol of love, passion and a sign of things to come. The occasion encourages everyone to get a head start on spring by bringing a splash of colour into our homes during the chilly winter. After all, who wouldn't want a cheery tulip whispering about sunny days ahead?

Tulips and the Internet

Throughout the existence of the World Wide Web, we've witnessed 'Tulipmania' grow wilder every year. The most noteworthy online rendition was on 21st January 2017, during which the phrase 'National Tulip Day' was mentioned a whopping 6317 times! The internet birthed a virtual garden where tulip lovers could share blooming good selfies and tulipy declarations of love. Might we add, the trend continues to blossom, giving the online world a much-needed dash of colour and optimism.

History behind the term 'Tulip'


Introduction of Tulips to Europe

In the year 1593, tulips were first introduced to Europe. The famous Flemish botanist, Carolus Clusius, planted tulips from Turkey in the botanical garden at Leiden University, Netherlands. These exotic flowers quickly gained popularity due to their vibrant colors and unique shape.

17th Century

Tulipomania and the Dutch Golden Age

During the 17th century, tulips became more than just popular flowers. They became a cultural phenomenon and a status symbol in the Netherlands. This period became known as 'Tulipomania,' when tulip bulbs were traded at extremely high prices. The demand for rare tulip varieties skyrocketed, and it led to a speculative bubble in the Dutch economy, with tulips being used as a form of currency. The craze eventually collapsed in 1637, but it left a lasting impact on Dutch culture and art, often referred to as the 'Dutch Golden Age.'

19th Century

Tulips in Ottoman Empire

In the 19th century, tulips gained importance in Ottoman art and culture. The 'tulip period' or 'Lale Devri' in Turkish history took place during the reign of Sultan Ahmed III. Tulips were widely depicted in Ottoman textiles, ceramics, and architecture. They symbolized abundance, paradise, and spring. This period marked a shift towards more floral motifs in Ottoman artistic expression.

20th Century

Tulips as International Symbols

During the 20th century, tulips became internationally recognized as symbols of various countries. The Netherlands, particularly Keukenhof Gardens, became famous for its tulip fields and annual tulip festivals. The tulip has also become the national flower of Turkey, representing beauty and paradise. Moreover, in World War II, the Prince of Wales's feathers were known as 'Tulip' due to their resemblance to the flower, and they became associated with resistance against Nazi Germany.

Did you know?

Did you know during the period known as Tulip Mania in the 17th century, some tulip bulbs in Holland were worth more than houses or gold? Talk about 'flower power'!


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