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Buckle up brainiacs, National Trivia Day is a quirky celebration that's all about uncovering the fun, fantastic, and yes, trivial pieces of knowledge scattered throughout the world. Ready to delight in curious facts and goofy tidbits? Let's dive in!

When is Trivia Day?

It's national trivia day on the 4th January.

The Riveting Realm of Trivia

First things first, let's demystify National Trivia Day. Revolving around fun, frolic, and a whole bunch of 'did you know?' moments, National Trivia Day—which peaked in popularity on 04 Jan 2017 with a whopping 6885 mentions online—is a beloved occasion designed to celebrate all things trivia. Whether you're a newbie or self-proclaimed trivia master, this day encourages everyone to partake in trivial knowledge sharing and even host extravagant trivia parties.

The Whirlwind of Whys and What's

Ever wondered the color of an octopus's blood? Or pondered about the weight of a cloud? Well, congratulations! You're revelling in trivia. National Trivia Day is an opportune moment to honor all the wondrous—and comically obscure—facts that don't usually find their space in general knowledge conversations. Here's a nudge: the answers to the above are blue (yes, really!) and about 1.1 million pounds, respectively!

Not Just For Smarty Pants

You may ask, 'What's the point of trivia if it's... well, trivial?' Ah, therein lies the beauty. Trivia serves multiple purposes. It helps you flex your intellectual muscles, can be an absolute riot at social gatherings, and even prove to be a lighthearted escape from usual day-to-day seriousness. So, let your fact-finding flag fly high and happy trivia hunting!

History behind the term 'Trivia'


Birth of the term

The term 'trivia' originates from Latin and was first used by the scholar Johannes Trithemius in his book 'Steganographia.' Trithemius combined 'tri-' meaning three and '-via' meaning path, to create 'trivium,' which referred to the lower division of the seven liberal arts in medieval education.


Trivia as a game concept

In 1965, Ed Goodgold and Dan Carlinsky, two Columbia University alumni, organized the first official trivia contest at a bar in New York City. Inspired by the pub quiz format, the event sparked interest and became the precursor to the modern trivia game trend that continues to this day.


Launch of Trivial Pursuit

In 1979, Trivial Pursuit, a board game created by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott, was released in Canada. The game quickly gained popularity worldwide, challenging players' knowledge across a wide range of topics. Trivial Pursuit became a cultural phenomenon, giving rise to a new era of trivia games and competitions.


First Trivia Olympiad

The first Trivia Olympiad, also known as the World Quizzing Championships, was held in 1984. The event brought together trivia enthusiasts from different countries to compete in a challenging test of knowledge. The Trivia Olympiad continues to be hosted annually, solidifying trivia's position as a globally celebrated intellectual pursuit.


Rise of online trivia

With the advent of the internet, online trivia platforms started gaining popularity. Websites and applications dedicated to trivia enabled users to participate in quizzes, engage in friendly competition, and expand their knowledge in a fun and interactive manner. Online trivia games continue to thrive, providing accessible and entertaining trivia experiences for people worldwide.

Did you know?

Did you know that the word 'trivia' originates from Latin and translates to 'three ways' or 'public place'. It was originally used to describe a place where three roads meet - talk about a fact filled crossroad!


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