National Toilet Paper Day

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Welcome, dear reader, to a day of great national importance that's sure to leave a mark... just not on your derriere! We present to you - National Toilet Paper Day. Unassuming, often overlooked, but integral to our daily routines, let's dedicate a day to the humble roll that quietly reigns over your bathroom kingdom

When is Toilet Paper Day?

It's national toilet paper day on the 26th August.

A Brief History

After scouring (pun intended) through 2011 mentions of National Toilet Paper Day, our trusty data detectives tracked it all the way back to 2015. In particular, the day gained peak popularity on the 26th of August, 2015, when everyone apparently decided to, um, 'roll' with it! Since then, it's been celebrated annually, giving people a 'soft' spot for this unsung hero.

Why Celebrate

Now, one might wonder, of all things, why toilet paper? Well, dear reader, it is high time we recognized the role of this essential item that brings comfort, cleanliness, and, let's face it, quite a bit of relief to our lives. From historical alternatives like leaves and corn cobs, our bottoms have happily settled on toilet paper, making it a worthy recipient of our adulation.

How To Celebrate

Well, you could start by appreciating the pillowy softness of a new roll or maybe engage in philosophical debates on whether the paper should go over or under. If you're feeling really festive, you could participate in a toilet paper fashion show - believe us, toilet paper wedding dresses are quite a hit on the internet!

History behind the term 'Toilet Paper'


First recorded use of toilet paper

In 1857, the first recorded use of toilet paper occurred when Joseph C. Gayetty introduced 'Gayetty's Medicated Paper' in the United States. His invention consisted of individual sheets of paper that were pre-moistened with aloe, making it the first commercially available toilet paper.


Perforated toilet paper

In 1879, Seth Wheeler filed a patent for perforated toilet paper rolls. This innovative design allowed for easier tear-off of individual sheets. Wheeler's contribution revolutionized toilet paper usage and reduced waste, as people no longer needed to use an entire roll at once.


Toilet paper becomes softer

During the 1930s, companies started producing softer and more comfortable toilet paper. The introduction of improved manufacturing techniques and the use of premium fibers made toilet paper softer, making the bathroom experience more pleasant for consumers.


Toilet paper rationing

In 1942, during World War II, toilet paper became an item subject to rationing in the United States. The scarcity of resources during the war forced the government to implement rationing programs to ensure essential supplies were available for the military. As a result, the production and distribution of toilet paper were strictly regulated.


Toilet paper shortage scare

In 1973, a widespread toilet paper shortage scare occurred in the United States. An erroneous news report speculated that there would be a shortage due to a pulp paper shortage. This led to panic buying and hoarding, causing temporary difficulties in obtaining toilet paper.


Double-ply and scented toilet paper

In 1996, toilet paper manufacturers introduced double-ply and scented toilet paper varieties. Double-ply toilet paper provided increased thickness and strength, while scented toilet paper aimed to enhance the bathroom experience. These innovations gave consumers more options and further improved the overall quality of toilet paper.

Did you know?

Did you know? Ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick called a 'spongia' instead of toilet paper. Thankfully, we've upgraded since then!


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