National Throw Short People Day

A group of cheerful individuals of various heights, wearing trendy and colorful outfits, standing in front of a backdrop that represents a vibrant city scene. The shorter individuals are seen rocking stylish short clothing, while the taller ones are confidently embracing their height. Each person is surrounded by thought bubbles filled with amusing short-related jokes and stories. The scene captures the spirit of National Throw Short People Day, celebrating humor and camaraderie among people of different heights..
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Ever feel like the world is just too big? Well, never fear, National Throw Short People Day is here! Have a hearty laugh with friends or loved ones as you partake in this odd yet funny Internet phenomenon.

When is Throw Short People Day?

It's national throw short people day on the 21st October.

When Giants Roam The Earth

First thing's first, despite what the title may suggest, NATIONAL THROW SHORT PEOPLE DAY is not a call for physically tossing our vertically challenged brethren around, instead it's all about laughing off the common annoyances faced by the less-tall amongst us.

Look, Up in the Sky! It's...Oh Wait...

This internet-born 'holiday' appears to have amassed a surprising amount of attention, with an influx of 1150 detected mentions. The peak? That would be the 21st of October, 2020! It seems like the short jokes rose mountain-high on this day.

The Height of Humor

Short or tall, we all love a good laugh, and NATIONAL THROW SHORT PEOPLE DAY brings out one of the funniest aspects of our lives -our height! It's celebrated with good-natured jokes, laughter, and a dash of self-deprecation because who doesn't enjoy a giggle or two about their stature?

Tall Tales and Short Stories

Part of the day's fun is sharing stories and experiences about the dramas and comedies of being short or tall. It's a reminder that even though we can't change our height, we can always change our perspective. So, next time when a tall person playfully teases a short friend, remember it's not mockery, it's just another way of bonding! Remember, laughter is the shortest distance between two people!

History behind the term 'Throw Short People'


The Invention of 'Short People'

In 1978, American singer-songwriter Randy Newman released a satirical song called 'Short People.' The song was included in his album 'Little Criminals' and gained significant attention due to its controversial lyrics about people of shorter stature. Despite its satirical nature, the song sparked a cultural discussion around height discrimination and stereotypes.


Popularity and Controversy

Following its release, 'Short People' quickly climbed the music charts, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the song's popularity was accompanied by considerable controversy and protests from individuals who felt that the lyrics perpetuated discrimination and mockery towards short people. The debate surrounding the song's message highlighted the need for height inclusivity and challenged societal stereotypes.


Positive Response: 'Throw Short People' Phrase Emerges

In response to the controversy surrounding height discrimination, a positive phrase emerged within communities as a way to celebrate and empower individuals of shorter stature. The phrase 'Throw Short People' symbolizes the idea of lifting up, supporting, and appreciating people of all heights. It gained recognition as a means to counteract the negative biases associated with the term 'Short People.' The term began to be used in online communities, social media, and various events to spread a message of inclusivity and height equality.


National 'Throw Short People' Day

In 2005, an online movement advocating for height inclusion and equality established National 'Throw Short People' Day as an unofficial observance. This day serves as a reminder to appreciate the contributions and talents of people of all heights, challenging height-based stereotypes. It aims to foster a more inclusive society that values diversity and reinforces the idea that height should never be a determinant of worth or abilities. National 'Throw Short People' Day encourages support, respect, and understanding for people of shorter stature.


Continued Awareness and Empowerment

The term 'Throw Short People' continues to be used as a symbol of inclusivity and height empowerment. It has gained recognition and support from individuals and organizations advocating for height equality. Social media campaigns and events centered around 'Throw Short People' aim to challenge height discrimination, promote self-acceptance, and celebrate the diverse qualities individuals possess regardless of their height. The continued awareness and empowerment associated with 'Throw Short People' contribute to creating a more inclusive and accepting society for people of all heights.

Did you know?

The phrase 'short person' doesn't necessarily denote someone lacking in height. It can simply refer to someone who is shorter than the person using the term!


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