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Ever wondered whose idea it was to give a shout out to the unsung heroes - teachers? Well, mark your calendars and dry your eyes, folks! National Thank a Teacher Day is here, and it's high time we gave our mentors some well-earned applause. Not just for their hoo-ha or their chalk-wielding wizardry, but for their sheer determination and courage in the battlefield we call the classroom.

When is Thank A Teacher Day?

It's national thank a teacher day on the 20th May.

History of The Day

Once upon a time, the good folks at National PTA said, 'Enough is enough! Teachers get nowhere near the kind of love they deserve.' So they created National Thank a Teacher Day. This magnanimous event, discovered through some lightning-fast internet detective work, has racked up an impressive 4281 online mentions, no small feat my friends!

May 20th: A Memorable Day

The clamor and cheer hit peak volume on May 20th, 2020. The internet was buzzing, platforms everywhere filled with heartfelt messages of gratitude. If there was ever a day when teachers felt like rockstars, this was it.

How To Celebrate

How does one celebrate such a day, you ask? Well, let's roll up our sleeves and get creative! Leave a thank you note on the teacher's desk, make a social media shout-out with a cute teacher story or just give them an extra apple. Remember, nothing says thanks like a shiny red apple!

The Ripple Effect

Why celebrate this day, though? Why not, we ask back! This day serves as a reminder of the roles of teachers in society. A thank you can go a long way - it can spark inspiration, engender respect, or even light up a face that's had one too many parent-teacher meetings that day.

History behind the term 'Thank A Teacher'


The birth of National Teacher Day

National Teacher Day was first celebrated in the United States on March 7, 1944. This day was established by the National Education Association (NEA) as a way to honor and appreciate the hard work and dedication of teachers in shaping the future of the country. It was a day for students and communities to recognize the valuable role that teachers play in education.


Expanding to a week-long celebration

In 1953, the NEA decided to expand the celebration of National Teacher Day to an entire week. This week-long event took place in the first full week of May, and it was an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the teaching profession and express gratitude to educators nationwide. The week-long celebration allowed for more time to honor teachers and raise awareness about the importance of education.


Thank a Teacher Campaign

The Thank a Teacher Campaign was launched by the NEA in 1985. This initiative aimed to encourage students, parents, and community members to express appreciation for teachers by sending them thank-you notes, cards, or small gifts. The campaign helped foster a culture of gratitude towards teachers and highlighted the positive impact they have on individuals and society as a whole.


National Teacher Day becomes part of Teacher Appreciation Week

In 2008, National Teacher Day was officially recognized as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, which is celebrated during the first full week of May. This extended recognition period allowed for a more comprehensive appreciation of teachers, honoring their efforts and acknowledging their vital contributions to the education system. Teacher Appreciation Week became an occasion to celebrate and thank all educators for their hard work and dedication.


Continued recognition and gratitude

Today, 'Thank a Teacher' has become a popular phrase and movement, extending beyond just one day or week of appreciation. People from all walks of life continue to express their gratitude to teachers for their guidance, expertise, and unwavering commitment to nurturing and educating students. 'Thank a Teacher' has become a powerful reminder to acknowledge and honor the important role teachers play in shaping the future of individuals and society at large.

Did you know?

Did you know that the concept of thanking teachers is a universal one? The tradition is recognized globally, with over 70 countries celebrating their version of 'Teacher's Day'.


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