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Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, gather around as we step into our virtual time machine to explore the 'behind the scenes' of the National Teach Ag Day. This is the day when teaching agriculture becomes the center stage show, waltzing its way around the globe with almost 3000 online mentions, its prime time of fame being September 24, 2015.

When is Teach Ag Day?

It's national teach ag day on the 24th September.

Become one with the fields

Once upon a time (well not too long ago), the internet saw the dawn of a day dedicated to the noblest of pursuits – teaching agriculture. National Teach Ag Day, as the name suggests, honors those who pass on the age-old knowledge of threading seeds into the heart of soil, nurturing nature's bounty and feeding nations.

The Hallmark Moment: September 24, 2015

On September 24, 2015, the proverbial chicken came home to roost as National Teach Ag Day took the internet by storm. With a whopping 2982 mentions, it was as if the world found its calling through the rustic art of agriculture, invigorating scholars, farmers, and netizens alike.

From Plantation Etiquettes to Tech-Savvy Cultivation

National Teach Ag Day is not just about planting seeds and praying for rain. It is about embracing the complex science of sustainable practices, understanding ecosystems, experimenting with biotechnology, recognizing the need for conservation, and so much more. It's a day to appreciate and thank the educators enlightening us with these priceless pearls of wisdom.

History behind the term 'Teach Ag'


The Smith-Hughes Act

In 1917, the Smith-Hughes Act was passed in the United States, which provided federal funding for vocational education. This act aimed to address the need for skilled workers in agriculture, among other industries. It marked the beginning of organized agricultural education programs.


The National FFA Organization

In 1965, the Future Farmers of America (FFA) changed its name to the National FFA Organization. The FFA, founded in 1928, had been promoting agricultural education and leadership development among young students. The change in name reflected a broader approach to agriculture and a focus on preparing students for careers beyond traditional farming.


The Teach Ag Campaign

In 2001, the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE) launched the Teach Ag Campaign. This campaign aimed to address the shortage of agricultural education teachers and encourage more students to pursue careers in agricultural education. The Teach Ag Campaign sought to highlight the importance of agricultural education and inspire students to become future agricultural teachers.


Introduction of 'Teach Ag' Term

Around 2005, the term 'Teach Ag' emerged as a catchy and memorable way to promote agricultural education as a career. The term encapsulated the idea of teaching agriculture and became a rallying cry for the Teach Ag Campaign. 'Teach Ag' represented the passion for sharing knowledge about agriculture and encouraging the next generation to pursue agricultural careers.


Continued Advocacy and Impact

The term 'Teach Ag' continues to be used today as a recognizable slogan and symbol for agricultural education advocacy. It represents a growing community of agricultural educators who are passionate about teaching and inspiring the future leaders of the agricultural industry. The Teach Ag Campaign and the term 'Teach Ag' have played a significant role in raising awareness about the importance of agricultural education and cultivating a new generation of agricultural teachers.

Did you know?

Did you know that the idea of National Teach Ag Day emerged from the reality that every year there are 750 vacant agricultural education positions across the U.S due to a lack of qualified teachers?


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