National Tall People Day

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Stand tall, reach high, and have a giggle - it's National Tall People Day! A delightfully whimsical holiday that acknowledges the long and short (well, mostly long) of being tall. Gracing the online world with its towering presence mostly on June 22nd 2016, this quirky day celebrates those gentle giants who forever have their heads in the clouds.

When is Tall People Day?

It's national tall people day on the 22nd June.

Why Celebrate National Tall People Day?

Why not? The world is a much more diverse place with our sky-touching compatriots who continuously offer us their shoulders to look over at concerts or form an essential part of our favorite sports teams. And let's not forget their unending service in helping us non-lanky ones fetch that unreachable top-shelf item at the grocery store. National Tall People Day is all about raising a salute – as high as we can, at least – to these folks.

A Brief History of National Tall People Day

Internet history on this day is as towering as the folks it honors. We detected 24 mentions of National Tall People Day springing up online with the most mentions recorded on 22nd June 2016. Since then, it's grown – if you’ll pardon the pun – in popularity and affection, allowing people across the globe to recognize the manna from heaven that is the tall community.

The Height of Celebration – Ideas for National Tall People Day

How do you celebrate such a day when you're vertically challenged? Easy, find a tall person and dedicate the day to spoil them rotten! Take them out for a meal (with extra legroom), bake a towering cake, or even honor them with a beautiful handmade crown (the extra height won't hurt!). And tall folks – it's your day to shine. Literally. Stick some fairy lights on your head and become the beacon we all know you are!

History behind the term 'Tall People'


The emergence of the term 'giraffes'

In the 1700s, there was an increasing fascination with exotic animals. The giraffe, with its distinctive long neck, captured the attention of people across Europe. As a result, tall individuals were sometimes referred to as 'giraffes' due to their height resembling that of the majestic animal.


The development of 'giants' as a term

During the 1800s, the term 'giants' gained popularity as a means to describe exceptionally tall individuals. This term drew inspiration from myths and folklore, which often depicted giant beings towering over others. Tall people were sometimes seen as larger-than-life figures, leading to the association with 'giants'.


The shift towards 'tall people'

In the 1900s, there was a gradual shift towards the term 'tall people' as the commonly used descriptor for individuals with significant height. This change reflected a desire to move away from potentially dehumanizing or mythological labels, towards a more neutral and inclusive term that focused solely on the physical attribute of height.


The acceptance and celebration of 'tall people'

Today, the term 'tall people' is widely accepted and carries no negative connotations. In fact, being tall is often celebrated in various cultures, with renowned athletes, models, and even fictional characters often portrayed as tall and commanding. Tall people have become emblematic of strength, presence, and elegance.

Did you know?

Did you know that the world's tallest man recorded in history was Robert Wadlow? He reached a towering height of 8'11'' (2.72 meters)! That's a lot of person to celebrate!


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