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Welcome to National Take Your Kids to Work Day, where chaos meets cubicles and children discover the mysterious world where their parents vanish to every morning. It's a day filled with excitement, wonder, and maybe even a touch of boredom. So, grab your little ones by the hand and let's dive into the enlightening abyss of office life!

When is Take Your Kids To Work Day?

It's national take your kids to work day on the 28th April.

The Birth of National Take Your Kids to Work Day

Have you ever wondered how this delightful (or potentially disastrous) day came to be? Well, let me whisk you back to the year 1993, where a visionary woman named Gloria Steinem had a brilliant idea.

Gloria Steinem, a renowned feminist, activist, and journalist, saw the need for children to understand the importance of work and the diverse career paths available to them. And thus, the concept of Take Your Daughters to Work Day was born! It began as a way to empower young girls, giving them a glimpse into the professional world.

Over time, the event expanded its reach and became more inclusive, embracing boys as well. The name was adjusted to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day, and finally settling on its current name in 2003: National Take Your Kids to Work Day.

A Day of Discovery

On this extraordinary day, parents get to share their workplace adventures with their curious offspring. From sitting at desks to exploring conference rooms, children are exposed to the inner workings of different professions. They witness the hustle and bustle, the camaraderie, and, let's not forget, the endless supply of office stationery.

Some kids might be lucky enough to find themselves amidst fascinating experiments in a laboratory, while others may spend the day observing the magical artistry of the culinary world. There are those who discover the hidden talents of their parents - the superhero prowess of handling finances or the air of authority that comes with commanding a boardroom.

Of course, not all jobs are equally captivating in the eyes of a child. Imagine the disappointment when you realize that your parent spends the day analyzing endless spreadsheets or sorting through stacks of paperwork. But fear not! Even those seemingly dull jobs have their own unique charms, and who knows, maybe your child's curiosity will be piqued by the allure of data entry or office supplies organization!

A Lesson in Hustle and Heart

National Take Your Kids to Work Day is not just about play and distractions; it's a day filled with valuable life lessons. Children get the chance to witness firsthand the dedication, passion, and hard work that goes into each job. It's an opportunity for them to develop a sense of appreciation for the efforts their parents put into supporting the family.

Moreover, this day opens up a dialogue between children and parents about the importance of education, exploring career paths, and setting goals for the future. It provides a platform for parents to share their experiences, dreams, and challenges while imparting wisdom and guidance to their little ones who are eagerly soaking up every word.

National Take Your Kids to Work Day gives children a glimpse into the adult world, helping them understand the notion of work-life balance and the significance of pursuing a fulfilling career. It's a day that plants the seeds of ambition and curiosity, reminding children that they can achieve anything if they keep their dreams alive.

History behind the term 'Take Your Kids To Work'


The Insightful Idea

The term 'Take Your Kids to Work' was coined in 1992 by Gloria Steinem, a renowned American feminist and social political activist. She proposed the concept as a way to promote gender equality and to encourage parents to share their work life with their children. Steinem believed that exposing children to a variety of career options from an early age could help break gender stereotypes and foster their personal development.


The First Official Celebration

In 1993, the Ms. Foundation for Women, under the leadership of Marie C. Wilson, established the official National 'Take Our Daughters to Work' Day. This event aimed to provide girls with firsthand experience and empower them by showcasing positive female role models in various industries. It gained widespread attention and participation, creating a platform for girls to explore potential career paths and gain confidence in their abilities.


Expanding Inclusion

Recognizing the importance of involving both girls and boys, the name of the event was changed to 'Take Our Children to Work Day' in 2003. This modification aimed to promote gender equity and ensure that boys also benefited from the experience. The expanded scope allowed all children to participate, regardless of their gender, offering them a glimpse into the professional world and fostering a broader understanding of various occupations.


Educational Activities and Themes

As the event evolved, the organizers introduced educational activities and themes to enhance the learning experience for children. These activities included interactive workshops, career panels, and hands-on simulations related to different professions. Each year, a specific theme is chosen to engage children in creative and educational exercises, promoting curiosity and knowledge acquisition.


Adapting to Remote Work

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 'Take Our Children to Work Day' underwent a significant transformation in 2020. With many parents working remotely, the event shifted to a virtual format, allowing children to join their parents in teleworking environments. Various online platforms facilitated engaging activities, virtual tours of workplaces, and video conferences with professionals, adapting to the changing circumstances while maintaining the essence of the event.


Continued Impact

To this day, 'Take Our Children to Work Day' remains an influential and valuable tradition. It continues to inspire youngsters, promote career exploration, and facilitate meaningful parent-child interactions. The event highlights the importance of work-life balance, instills ambition, and fosters an understanding of the diverse professional opportunities available.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first Take Your Daughters to Work Day, which inspired National Take Your Kids to Work Day, took place on April 22, 1993? It was a day that marked the beginning of an annual tradition that continues to enlighten and inspire children around the world.


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