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When summer's heat beats down, nothing cools you off like a tall glass of sweet tea, right? If you've just nodded in fervent agreement, then mark your calendars for the true Southern belle of holidays, National Sweet Tea Day! Sure, we all know that sharks and dads have their own weeks, but this day packs the delectable clout of an icy sugar rush in just 24 hours.

When is Sweet Tea Day?

It's national sweet tea day on the 10th June.

Just How Sweet It Is!

The thing about sweet tea is that it's not just a refreshing drink; it's a sure-fire thirst-quencher that moonlights as a liquid testament to Southern hospitality. We detected a sweet'n'stylish 14,300 mentions online, with the sugary peak being June 10th, 2015 – a day that must've been as hot as a swamp cooler in Savannah!

A Deep(ry Brewed) History

Sweet tea might seem like a simple mix of sugar and tea, but its history is as steeped as the tea leaves themselves. While the exact origins of this day are as clouded as a unsweet brew, a few sweet whispers suggest it dates back to the early 20th Century when innovative iced tea vendors at state fairs added sugar to their brews to attract thirsty customers. And voila! Sweet tea was born, destined to become the darling of Southern socials and the heart of National Sweet Tea Day.

Sweet Tea Day Today

Fast forward to our iced-tea-obsessed modern times, and we have whole websites dedicated to celebrating this beloved bevvie. From blog posts brewing up new recipes to frosty photos that would make any tea-lover drool, National Sweet Tea Day has brewed itself into the big leagues of food holidays.

How to Celebrate

Embrace the sweeter things in life by pouring a glass (or two!) of your favourite brew. Don't forget to raise your glass in celebration of all those Southern tea-lovers who had the sugar-laden forethought to sweeten their tea and create this beloved beverage, and consequentially, this fantastic holiday!

History behind the term 'Sweet Tea'


Introduction of tea to the South

In 1801, tea was introduced to the southern states of the United States. Tea quickly became a beloved beverage in the region, with people enjoying it both hot and cold.


Rise of sweetened iced tea

During the mid-1800s, iced tea started gaining popularity in the South. As a way to combat the hot climate, tea was brewed and then chilled. Initially, it was served unsweetened, and individuals would add their desired amount of sugar.


Sweetened iced tea becomes widespread

The popularity of sweetened iced tea grew rapidly in the late 1800s. In 1879, Marion Cabell Tyree, a writer and cookbook author, published a recipe for sweet tea in her cookbook titled "Housekeeping in Old Virginia." This publication significantly contributed to the widespread adoption of sweetened iced tea in the South.


Sweet tea becomes a staple

By the early 1900s, sweet tea had firmly established itself as a staple beverage in the South. It became synonymous with Southern hospitality and was offered as a refreshing treat to guests. Sweet tea's popularity continued to grow, with variations and regional preferences emerging over time.


Official recognition of National Sweet Tea Day

In 2003, National Sweet Tea Day was officially recognized and celebrated on June 10th each year. The day aims to honor this beloved beverage and its cultural significance in the South. Sweet tea continues to be an iconic drink, enjoyed not only in the United States but also around the world.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first sweet tea recipe can be traced back to 1879 in a community cookbook called Housekeeping in Old Virginia?


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