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Hey there, internet sleuths and national day aficionados! Are you curious about a certain buzzword that’s been making a splash in the online world? Your curiosity ends here. We present you a little known gem that’s been recently uncovered from the cosmic space of the internet - National Sus Day!

When is Sus Day?

It's national sus day on the 3rd October.

Origin of National Sus Day

Despite its rather odd name, National Sus Day is a new entrant in the grand parade of national days. With just 4 detections of mentions in our database, its origin story remains as enigmatic as the term 'sus' itself (short for 'suspicious' for the uninitiated).

Most Prolific Da

By far, the internet seemed to be most enthusiastic about this peculiar day on the 3rd of October, 2020. With this date being the loudest crescendo in National Sus Day history, we suspect (pun intended!) an association with the popular multiplayer game, Among Us, as 'sus' is a term frequently tossed around by its players.

What is National Sus Day all about?

This day could be seen as one promising plenty of fun, where participants could channel their inner amateur detective spirit, engage in games like Among Us, or share amusing and seemingly suspicious stories with friends. A day encouraging intrigue, deducing scenarios & keeping the fun 'sus' nation alive! So, ready your (figurative) detective caps and magnifying glasses as we wait to see how this day further evolves in the digital world.

How to Celebrate?

Next 3rd of October, why not organise a virtual game night with friends, family, and colleagues? Get on an Among Us (or other social deduction games) session, dole out detective assignments, and see 'Who's the most sus?' Add some popcorn and fizzy drinks, and you’re well on your way to a 'suspiciously' good time!

History behind the term 'Sus'


Introduction of 'sus' as a term in online gaming communities

In 2013, the term 'sus' emerged as a shortened form of 'suspicious' in online gaming communities. Players started using 'sus' to describe other players who they believed were behaving suspiciously or untrustworthy during gameplay.


Origin of 'sus'

The term 'sus' originated from the phrase 'suspicious' and first gained popularity in British slang during the early 2010s. It was commonly used as an abbreviation, representing a sense of mistrust or skepticism towards someone's behavior or motives. 'Sus' quickly became embedded in the lexicon of young people and found widespread use in online communities and social media platforms.


Meme culture and 'sus'

The term 'sus' started to gain mainstream attention through the popular online multiplayer game Among Us, which was released in 2018. Within the gaming community, 'sus' took on a new meaning, signifying someone who is acting suspiciously or may be an impostor. The concept of identifying and accusing 'sus' players became a central aspect of the game, creating a shared vocabulary and cultural reference point among players around the world.


Viral popularity of 'sus' through the game Among Us

The term 'sus' gained widespread popularity in 2020 with the release of the game Among Us. This multiplayer social deduction game required players to identify the 'impostor' among them. The word 'sus' became a key part of the game's vocabulary as players used it to accuse others of being the impostor, adding excitement and suspense to gameplay.


Internet memes and 'sus' as a cultural phenomenon

Following the success of Among Us, 'sus' became a popular internet meme and cultural phenomenon in 2020. Memes featuring the term spread across social media platforms, signifying suspicion or questionable behavior in various contexts beyond the gaming community. The versatile nature of 'sus' made it widely accessible as a humorous and often relatable expression.


'Sus' goes viral

The year 2020 witnessed a significant surge in the usage of 'sus' in various contexts beyond gaming. Memes and viral videos featuring the phrase 'sus' became immensely popular on social media platforms like TikTok. It started being used in humorous situations, expressing playful suspicion, and became particularly associated with comical or unexpected behavior. This newfound popularity contributed to 'sus' becoming a commonly recognized term in popular culture.


Mainstream integration of 'sus' into everyday language

In 2021, 'sus' transcended its gaming origins and became integrated into everyday language. It found its way into casual conversation, social media posts, and even professional settings. The term had become shorthand for expressing doubt or suspicion, capturing the attention of people across different age groups and cultural backgrounds.


Mainstream adoption of 'sus'

'Sus' achieved widespread recognition and mainstream adoption in 2021. It transcended its origins in gaming and internet culture to become an influential term used in everyday conversations, television shows, and even advertising campaigns. The term's versatility and adaptability contributed to its lasting appeal, as it could be applied in various contexts to convey a sense of doubt, suspicion, or humor. 'Sus' continues to be a relevant and evolving term in contemporary linguistic usage.

Did you know?

Did you know that the term 'sus', short for 'suspicious', has gained widespread popularity thanks to the multiplayer game, Among Us?


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