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Swooping down with red pens and checklists, keeping us on the straight and narrow, it's time for the unsung heroes of the workplace to take the limelight. Yes, we're talking Supervisors! With National Supervisor Day detected 22 times online, it's about time these managers and mentors got their 15 minutes of fame.

When is Supervisor Day?

It's national supervisor day on the 11th August.

A Little History

Despite our tireless online investigation efforts, the true origins of National Supervisor Day remain hidden in the shroud of internet mystery. Where it came from, who started it - all unanswered questions. But what we do know is that the most mentions of this day occurred on August 11, 2015. An unforgettable- well, you've got the idea!

Managing the Managers

Being a supervisor isn’t exactly a picnic. It involves juggling schedules, managing workload and ensuring that a group of individuals can turn in work on time and up to standard. And let's not even mention the endless meetings. It's a tough gig, probably deserving of more than just one day's recognition.

A Celebration & a Thank You

So, how can you celebrate National Supervisor Day? Simple words of appreciation can go a long way. But the best way to pay tribute? Well, a day without any employee issues and overtime may just do the trick.

Supervise the Fun

Maybe National Supervisor Day should be a day for supervisors to take a break. For them to supervise the fun, for a change. Let's fill their day with laughter instead of lingering deadlines. And, who knows, maybe they'll let their hair down and share a joke or two with you.

History behind the term 'Supervisor'

15th century

Supervise and Super-

In the 15th century, the term 'supervise' emerged in English, stemming from the Latin words 'super' meaning 'above' and 'videre' meaning 'to see'. The term 'super-' is a prefix often used to indicate 'above' or 'beyond'.

17th century

Overseeing Officials

By the 17th century, the word 'supervisor' started being used to refer to officials who were responsible for overseeing and managing the work of others. These officials held positions of authority and were tasked with directing and monitoring the activities of their subordinates.

18th century

Industrial Revolution and Factory Supervisors

During the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, the role of supervisors became increasingly important in factories and manufacturing industries. Factory supervisors played a crucial role in maintaining discipline, enforcing regulations, and ensuring efficient production. The term 'supervisor' became closely associated with these managerial positions.

20th century

Management Theory and Team Supervision

In the 20th century, management theory and principles started shaping the understanding of effective supervision. The focus shifted towards team supervision, where supervisors were expected to provide guidance, support, and motivation to their teams. The role of supervisors expanded beyond mere surveillance to encompass leadership and mentorship.


Diverse Industries and Modern Supervisors

In the present day, the term 'supervisor' continues to be used across diverse industries and sectors. While the core responsibility remains overseeing the work of others, modern supervisors can be found in fields ranging from education and healthcare to technology and finance. They play a vital role in ensuring productivity, fostering teamwork, and maintaining quality standards.

Did you know?

Supervisors aren't just found in the workplace! You can find 'Supervisors' in various forms, in nature too. Be it animals looking out for their young ones or head of the pack in wildlife.


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