National Superhero Day

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Birds, assemble! Or, rather… ‘Superhumans, unite!’ Welcome to our flying exploration of the day we set aside to celebrate masked marvels, dynamic do-gooders, and awesome avengers: National Superhero Day! Get out your capes and cowls, and prepare to join us in the superhero signal-lit sky of internet history.

When is Superhero Day?

It's national superhero day on the 28th April.

A Day for Dynamic Duos and Singular Sensations

The digital realm was given an extra shot of power when National Superhero Day first hit the web. Our online sensors picked up about 47,101 mentions of this day. Whether it's celebrating actual superheroes or just your everyday heroes (like your coffee-barista who hits that cappuccino-foam just right), online users were thrilled to mark the occasion. And, hold onto your utility belts, because the chatter reached a high-flying peak on April 28th, 2016. The web was virtually vibrating with virtual ‘kabooms!’ and ‘pows!’

Channeling Our Inner Hero

Superhero Day isn't just about donning a disguise, clambering onto your nearest rooftop and uttering profound things about power and responsibility. Nope, it's a day when we can all channel our inner superheroes. Tear up that to-do list like it's a mad scientist's evil plan, or help your old neighbor with her groceries like you're rescuing hostages from a dastardly villain. It's an affirmation that we can all be heroes, even in small ways.

Pow! The Origin Story

Did you know National Superhero Day was created by Marvel employees in 1995? It's a classic origin story, plotted not in the pages of a comic, but in the imaginative minds of comic book creators. And just like with all good origin stories, from these humble beginnings it has since exploded into the mainstream.

Did you know?

Superman, one of the most iconic superheroes, was originally intended to be a bald character obsessed with world domination. His creators, writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, later reimagined him as a heroic character.


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28th April 2016

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