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Welcome to the sunny side of the internet, where we're about to dive headfirst into the fascinating history of National Sunscreen Day! Grab your shades, slather on that SPF, and let's get started.

When is Sunscreen Day?

It's national sunscreen day on the 27th May.

A Ray of Sunshine: The Origins of National Sunscreen Day

Picture this: it's a beautiful summer day, and you're lounging at the beach, enjoying the warmth on your skin. Suddenly, a voice from the heavens (or the internet, same thing) tells you to grab your sunscreen and lather up. That voice may seem celestial, but it's actually the result of some internet magic and the collective wisdom of sun-worshipers worldwide.

National Sunscreen Day was born out of a need to spread awareness about the importance of sun protection. With skin cancer rates on the rise and the harmful effects of UV rays becoming more apparent, it was high time we dedicated a day to celebrate the glorious invention that is sunscreen.

On May 27, 2020, the internet erupted with a whopping 1,512 mentions of National Sunscreen Day. People from all walks of life took to social media to share their wisdom, experiences, and of course, countless pictures of themselves with noses liberally coated in a glorious white sheen.

Sunscreen: A Love Story

While sunscreen may not be the most romantic topic, it certainly has a special place in our hearts (and on our skin). This magical potion protects us from the scorching rays of the sun and ensures that we don't end up looking like a lobster at the end of the day.

But did you know that sunscreen has a history as rich as a teenage love affair? Ancient Egyptians were known to use extracts of rice, jasmine, and lupine to shield their skin from the sun. Even the great conqueror Alexander the Great had his soldiers apply a mixture of olive oil and beeswax to protect their skin during military campaigns.

Fast forward to the 20th century, and we have Franz Greiter, a Swiss chemistry student who created one of the first commercially available sunscreens. Greiter was inspired to develop this magical potion after getting a severe sunburn during a mountaineering expedition. Talk about turning a personal tragedy into a triumph!

Embrace the SPF Life

Now that you know the internet and history behind National Sunscreen Day, it's time to slay the sun with style. Get yourself a bottle of that sweet SPF goodness, lather it on like there's no tomorrow, and venture out into the world with confidence.

Remember, sunscreen is your secret BFF. It doesn't matter if you're frolicking at the beach, hiking through the wilderness, or just strolling down the street on a sunny day - it's always there to protect you. So, show your skin some love, and let National Sunscreen Day be a reminder that taking care of ourselves is as essential as checking our phone for the hundredth time today.

History behind the term 'Sunscreen'


The Invention of Sunscreen

In 1936, Austrian chemist Franz Greiter developed the first sunscreen. He created a substance to protect his own fair skin while climbing mountains. This early sunscreen was sticky and thick, made from zinc oxide, and provided limited protection against harmful UV rays.


Introduction of Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

In 1944, Swiss scientist Franz Greiter introduced the Sun Protection Factor, commonly known as SPF, to measure the effectiveness of sunscreen. Greiter determined SPF by comparing the time it takes for skin to burn with and without sun protection. This revolutionized the way sunscreen was formulated and marketed.


Commercial Production of Sunscreen Begins

In 1962, the first commercial sunscreen brand, Coppertone, was introduced to the market. Coppertone offered a lotion-based sunscreen that was more pleasant to use compared to earlier formulations. This marked the beginning of widespread sunscreen usage.


Regulation and Standardization of Sunscreens

In 1978, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States established regulations for sunscreen labeling. These regulations required manufacturers to provide standardized information on sunscreen packaging, including the SPF level, protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and water resistance.


Advancements in Sunscreen Technology

In the 1990s, sunscreen technology advanced with the introduction of broad-spectrum sunscreens. These sunscreens provided protection against both UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent sunburn, skin aging, and skin cancer. Innovative ingredients like avobenzone and oxybenzone improved the effectiveness and cosmetically elegant feel of sunscreens.


Nanotechnology in Sunscreens

In 2007, nanotechnology made its way into sunscreens. Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide allowed for transparent and cosmetically acceptable sunscreens that still offered effective UV protection. This development addressed the often-criticized white cast left by earlier sunscreens.


Continuous Development and Public Awareness

In the present day, sunscreens continue to evolve with improved formulations, longer-lasting protection, and better understanding of sun damage. The importance of sun protection is widely recognized, and public awareness campaigns emphasize the use of sunscreen as a vital part of a sun-safe lifestyle.

Did you know?

Did you know that the first waterproof sunscreen was introduced in 1977? Now you can splash and frolic in the water without worrying about the sun's harmful rays. It's a win-win!


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