National Suicide Prevention Month Day

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Every now and then, we come across a day that makes us pause, think, and appreciate the beauty of existence. So, let's get serious for a moment (don't worry, we'll keep the quirky gifs to a minimum today). National Suicide Prevention Month is one such day where we're reminded to step back, take a deep breath, and spread some love around. Here's the inside scoop on why September was chosen, the significance of this day, and how it grew magnanimously online.

When is Suicide Prevention Month Day?

It's national suicide prevention month day on the 4th September.

A Ripple of Awareness

National Suicide Prevention Month is observed in September each year and is dedicated to raising awareness about suicide prevention. It is an opportunity to make a difference, and it certainly made its mark online when we noticed a whopping 5387 mentions in just one day!

All-time Online High

This day had its all-time internet high on September 4, 2017. What was so special about this date? Well, let's put on our detective hats and delve into it. Maybe it was a cold Monday and everyone needed a little empathy to start the week or perhaps a celebrity endorsement stirred interest. Either way, the internet was buzzing, and the messages of love and support were unmissable.

Tags Related to the Day

Given the important message of this day, it's not surprising that it's tagged under multiple categories such as 'loved ones,' 'awareness,' and 'remembrance.' But wait, there's more! The day surprisingly resonates with 'fun,' not in a party-hard way, but more about cherishing life and its enjoyable moments. Other unusual yet delightful tags include 'food,' 'sports,' 'finance,' 'property,' and even 'romance.' Looks like the internet knows more about holistic mental health than we give it credit for!

Creating a Supportive Environment

Whether it's handing out a hot cup of cocoa to a friend or sharing an inspirational blog post about resilience, National Suicide Prevention Month is all about creating a safe, supportive environment. This momentous day is not about shying away from mental health conversations but about normalizing them.

History behind the term 'Suicide Prevention Month'


Founding of the National Mental Health Association

In 1953, the National Mental Health Association (now known as Mental Health America) was founded to address the growing concern and stigma surrounding mental health issues. The organization aimed to educate the public and promote mental health awareness and understanding on a national level.


Creation of the National Suicide Prevention Week

In 1963, the National Suicide Prevention Week was established by the U.S. Congress and President John F. Kennedy. This week-long observance aimed to raise awareness about suicide and promote efforts to prevent it. The chosen week falls annually during the second full week in September.


Expansion to National Suicide Prevention Month

Building upon the success and impact of the National Suicide Prevention Week, the observance was expanded to a month-long campaign in 2001. The goal was to further increase public awareness and engagement in suicide prevention efforts by providing a longer period for education, advocacy, and support.


Growing International Recognition

Over the years, the importance of suicide prevention gained global recognition, leading to the observation of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10th. This further emphasized the need for continued efforts in raising awareness, providing support, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health struggles and suicide.

Did you know?

Did you know that words can have healing powers, especially on the internet? The hashtag #BeThe1To, a campaign encouraging people to step forward and start conversations about mental health, gained traction in the month leading to National Suicide Prevention Month.


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