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Brush off the notes, turn off the alarms, and let's celebrate the day dedicated to the folks who make late nights and early mornings a trend - the students! It's National Student Day and we're here to explore how it made its mark in the digital chronicles.

When is Student Day?

It's national student day on the 6th December.

The Internet History of National Student Day

How did National Student Day become a thing? Well, somewhere between cramming for exams and posting selfies over social media, students became popular enough to warrant a day. And we caught 3289 mentions of this day online, which is quite a tally for a day that isn't all about sleeping or eating pizza!

Remember, Remember, the 6th of December

The teenager's nemesis, homework, surely took a backseat on December 6th, 2016. On this date, National Student Day saw the most mentions online. It felt like the entire student body skipped their 8 am classes (not that they needed an excuse) and partied all day on the internet, creating quite a buzz!

The Grand Celebration

National Student Day isn't just celebrated in the classrooms or dorm rooms. It spills over to social media where tributes pour in, recognising the contribution that students make in shaping our future. Students and educators alike share their experiences, ensuring that the world never underestimates the power of a student with a dream.

History behind the term 'Student'

14th century

Emergence of the term 'student'

The term 'student' originated in the 14th century and comes from the Latin word 'studēns', which means 'an eager or zealous person'. During this time, it specifically referred to someone who was engaged in learning or pursuing knowledge.

15th century

Institutionalization of education

In the 15th century, with the rise of universities and formalized education systems in Europe, the term 'student' became commonly associated with those who attended or enrolled in such educational institutions. Students were recognized as individuals actively pursuing academic studies.

17th century

Student organizations and social life

By the 17th century, student organizations and societies started to emerge within educational institutions. These groups provided students with opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities, debates, and mutual support. Students became an integral part of campus life, developing a distinct culture and camaraderie.

19th century

Expansion of educational opportunities

During the 19th century, there was a significant expansion in educational opportunities for individuals across various socio-economic backgrounds. This led to a wider representation of students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a more inclusive educational system.

20th century

Student activism and movements

In the 20th century, students began playing an active role in social and political affairs. They used their voices to advocate for civil rights, anti-war movements, gender equality, and other social causes. Student activism became a powerful force for social change, shaping the course of history.

21st century

Digital age and online learning

With the advent of the internet and widespread availability of online education, the concept of being a student has evolved further in the 21st century. Students now have access to a vast array of resources, online communities, and the ability to learn at their own pace. The traditional notion of a student has expanded to encompass a global network of lifelong learners.

Did you know?

Did you know that the word 'student' comes from the Latin 'studere', which means 'to devote oneself to'? Quite apt, don't you think?


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