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Ever heard of a day dedicated to celebrating studs? No, not the charming lads or equestrian enthusiasts, but the hard-working construction parts that hold our walls together! Officially observed with such popularity that it merited a grand total of 6 internet mentions, National Stud Day has somehow burrowed its way into our calendars. The day reached its notable peak of internet fame on February 5, 2017.

When is Stud Day?

It's national stud day on the 5th February.

A Love for Walls

National Stud Day, though not as popular as National Donut Day or National Puppy Day, still holds a significant stature among carpenters and construction enthusiasts. This day, celebrated for the unsung heroes of the construction world - the studs - is all about appreciating the integrity that these wooden pieces add to our structures.

The Importance of Studs

Ever wondered who keeps your house from collapsing like a deck of cards? Yes, it's the trusty Studs. Their primary function is to build frames for walls and doors, supporting structures, and providing a firm layout. Their 'studly' strength and capacity to shoulder hefty chunks of plaster makes these boys the heartthrob of every building plan. So, a round of applause for studs - the glue that holds our houses together!

A Studly Commemoration

On February 5, 2017, the internet went slightly intrigued over National Stud Day. Six whopping mentions had the day relish its five minutes of fame. Maybe it was a slow day for cat videos, but we'd like to think it was out of true appreciation for these hardy heroes of the construction world.

History behind the term 'Stud'


The Origins of 'Stud'

The term 'stud' originated in 1599 as a noun in English. It was derived from the Old English word 'stōd,' which meant a male horse that was kept for breeding purposes. This term was used to refer to a male animal that exhibited desirable traits, particularly in terms of physical appearance and breeding potential.


Stud as a Masculine Symbol

By the early 20th century, 'stud' began to be used as a slang term to describe a man who was perceived as attractive, appealing, and sexually desirable. The term gained popularity, especially among subcultures like urban youth and sports communities, where men with a certain swagger and confidence were labeled as 'studs.' This usage reflected the association of the term with masculinity and sexual prowess.


Stud in Gambling and Card Games

In 1928, 'stud' took on a new meaning within the realm of gambling and card games. It became associated with a specific type of poker game known as 'Stud Poker,' where players are dealt a combination of face-up and face-down cards. This variant of poker gained popularity during this time and played a role in solidifying the term 'stud' as a widely recognized term in popular culture.


Stud as a Symbol of Confidence and Dominance

During the 1970s, the term 'stud' gained further prominence in popular culture, particularly in relation to successful and confident men. It became associated with individuals who exuded masculinity, dominance, and an assertive personality. This perception was often reinforced through media portrayals of characters who embodied these qualities, solidifying the term's association with a particular image of masculinity.


Contemporary Usage of 'Stud'

Today, the term 'stud' continues to be used to denote a person, typically a man, who is considered attractive, charming, and sexually appealing. It has become a commonly employed term in popular culture, especially in discussions surrounding relationships, dating, and sexual attraction. While the context and connotations of the term have evolved over time, the essence of 'stud' remains rooted in its initial association with physical desirability and confidence.

Did you know?

Did you know most residential walls contain studs spaced 16 inches apart? This standard is due to the typical length of building materials for interior finishes like drywall. The more we measure, the more we appreciate studs.


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5th February 2017

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5th February 2017

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