National Strawberry Day

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Top of the berry morning to you! If there’s a day that celebrates the most succulent, sweet, and all round berry-licious fruit out there, it's National Strawberry Day. Considered one of the crown jewels of the food calendar, this day* really* packs a punnet!

When is Strawberry Day?

It's national strawberry day on the 27th February.

A Berry Good Day

Are you ready to dive deep into the undergrowth of berry history? Well, hold onto your hosepipes because we detected a whopping 6409 mentions of National Strawberry Day online! It seems there are more strawberry lovers out there than there are seeds on a strawberry (and that's around 200, if you wondered). The most red-iculously popular day to celebrate was 27th February 2017. Clearly, this was a day when the strawberry fever was well and truly contagious!<\/p>

Why National Strawberry Day?<\/h2>

Now, you might ask yourself, 'Why do we need a day to appreciate strawberries?'. The truth is, we could easily appreciate strawberries every day (and many of us do!). But setting a particular day aside shows collective admiration for this fantastic fruit, and frankly, who wouldn't want to be part of that?<\/p>

How to Celebrate?<\/h2>

Celebrating National Strawberry Day is as simple as eating some strawberries! You could add some to your breakfast, bake a strawberry-themed dessert, or even take it a step further and make strawberry-based crafts or costumes. The options are endless and each one is a splendid way to show your berry love on this national day.<\/p>

Join the Berry Brigade<\/h2>

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Strawberry Day, remember that it’s an opportunity to honour a marvellous little fruit that’s not only tasty but also packed with nutrients! So, on this day, let's all raise a strawberry (or a punnet) in appreciation!<\/p>

History behind the term 'Strawberry'


The sweet discovery

The term 'strawberry' first appeared in English around 1766. It is believed to have been derived from the Old English word 'streawberige', which literally means 'berry of straw'. This name might be attributed to the ancient cultivating practice of mulching strawberry plants with straw to protect them and enhance their growth. The term gradually gained popularity as the sweet and juicy fruit became more widely known and enjoyed.


Strawberry fields in literature

In 1597, William Shakespeare referenced strawberries in his famous play 'Richard III'. The line 'Of all flowers, methinks a rose is best' is followed by the statement 'Of all fruits, the strawberry is the best'. This poetic affirmation of the strawberry's superiority showcased its desirability and added to its cultural significance.


Cultivation innovation

By the early 18th century, new methods for cultivating strawberries were developed. Charles Linnaeus, the famous Swedish botanist, introduced the species 'Fragaria vesca' from Europe to North America. This introduction led to the development of larger and more flavorful strawberries, making them even more appealing to growers and consumers alike.


Quintessential strawberry dessert

In 1843, the concept of strawberries and cream as a quintessential dessert truly took hold during the debut of the traditional tennis tournament, Wimbledon. The tournament organizers decided to serve strawberries and cream as the signature dish, cementing the association between strawberries and indulgence. This tradition has endured and become an integral part of the tournament's culture.


Strawberry festivals

Starting in the early 20th century, strawberry festivals became popular events in various parts of the United States. These festivals celebrated the bountiful harvest of strawberries and showcased the fruit through various culinary creations. They often included activities such as beauty pageants, live music, and strawberry-themed contests. These festivals not only celebrated the strawberry but also promoted community cohesion and local agriculture.

Did you know?

Did you know that strawberries are the first fruit to ripen each spring? And despite their name, they’re technically not a true berry or even a fruit! Strawberries are a member of the rose family, and what we consider the 'fruit' is actually an enlarged part of the plant’s stalk.


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