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What happens when a single day takes a scenic, straight-as-an-arrow detour down Straight Avenue? We find ourselves celebrating National Straight Day, of course! A day recorded to have the highest buzz on October 11, 2015. So, let's gather, friends of all spheres and corners, to explore the honest-to-goodness, strikingly unangled past of National Straight Day.

When is Straight Day?

It's national straight day on the 11th October.

Tracing the Straight Line

Our digital archives dug into the depths of the cyber world and found a total of 270 mentions of this intriguing day online. The name itself tickles curiosity, doesn't it? On National Straight Day, these mentions don't necessarily promenade down just straight lines but span across a colorful array of topics from emphasis on honesty, straightforwardness to even encouraging good posture!

Victory Lap of Internet Fame

National Straight Day savored its moment of internet fame, head held high, on October 11, 2015. Imagine the world wide web buzzing with talk about this day dedicated to straight vibes. Perhaps followers may have walked in straight lines that day, it's hard to say!

To Celebrate, or to Commemorate?

National Straight Day is an embodiment of being true to oneself. Speaking straight from the heart, walking the straight path or maybe just straightening out that posture. We'd like to believe celebrations came in such honorable forms, stringed with the core value of honesty.

The Straight Path Ahead

While the exact origin story of National Straight Day may wander on paths both curvy and zigzag, the spirit it represents is a tale that travels straight to the heart. Let us be inspired to appreciate and applaud the simplicity of straightness in every aspect of our lives, be it in our actions or our conversations.

History behind the term 'Straight'


The Early Origins

The term 'straight' finds its roots in medieval English. Derived from the Old English word 'streht,' meaning 'direct or undeviating,' this term referred to something that had no bends or curves. Initially used to describe physical objects like lines and roads, 'straight' gradually gained a symbolic importance, representing honesty, simplicity, and fairness.


Straight as an Attribute of a Person

During the Age of Enlightenment, the term 'straight' expanded its scope and began to be utilized figuratively to describe someone's moral character. It became common to refer to individuals with upright behavior and strict adherence to principles as 'straight.' This attribute of straightness was highly valued in a society that emphasized rationality and order.


Straight as Heterosexuality

In the early 20th century, the term 'straight' gained another layer of meaning related to sexuality. Around the 1920s, the LGBTQ+ community began using 'straight' as a term to refer to individuals who identified as heterosexual. This usage highlighted the contrast with those who deviated from societal expectations of gender and sexual orientation.


Straight in Counter Culture

With the emergence of counterculture movements in the 1950s and 1960s, the term 'straight' took on a new connotation. It became associated with mainstream society, representing conformity, conventional behavior, and adherence to societal norms. In contrast, 'straight' was juxtaposed with terms like 'hip' and 'cool,' which denoted non-conformity and rebellion against established regulations.


Straight Edge Movement

In the 1980s, a movement known as 'Straight Edge' emerged within the punk and hardcore music scene. Advocating for a drug-free and clean lifestyle, 'Straight Edge' adherents embraced the term to represent their rejection of substance abuse and a commitment to personal empowerment. The movement popularized the 'X' symbol as a sign of straight edge identification.


Reclamation and Inclusivity

More recently, the term 'straight' has been reclaimed as a descriptor by the LGBTQ+ community. It is used to signify individuals who identify as heterosexual but are supportive and accepting of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. This inclusive usage of 'straight' promotes understanding and bridges the gap between different communities.

Did you know?

National Straight Day shot to internet fame on October 11, 2015. We don't know why, but we wonder if it had anything to do with Column Day too!


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