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Grab your spouse by the hand and start the drum roll, because we're about to celebrate National Spouses Day! This day isn't about buying extravagant gifts or booking fancy restaurants. No, sir! It's all about appreciating their every-day wonders, the little things they do to make life feel like flying on a magic carpet ride.

When is Spouses Day?

It's national spouses day on the 26th January.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Don't break into a sweat thinking that National Spouses Day is another birthday or anniversary you forgot. Not at all! It's a day that's taken the internet by storm since 2018. With us detecting 3406 mentions online, love was most definitely in the air on January 26th, 2018. Worry not though if you missed it, because there's always room on the cloud for one more love note. Spouses, prepare to be appreciated!

A Day For Magical Moments

Not to be mistaken with the business-centric, high-pressure Valentine's day, National Spouses Day is less about grand gestures and more about acknowledging and appreciating the routine beauty of being together as partners. From sharing chores to cheering for the same sports team, or even arguing over the remote control, this day is meant to celebrate the magic hidden in our mundane lives.

Seize the Day, Everyday!

Why limit the appreciation to one day, though? Every day gives us the chance to make the other person feel loved. Still, having a special occasion like National Spouses Day sure increases the fun. So swap your suit and tie for comfy pyjamas, let your hair down, enjoy a game of Monopoly or binge-watch your favourite Netflix show. National Spouses Day is all about cherishing and embracing what makes your partnership unique, and ultimately, simply enjoying each other's company.

History behind the term 'Spouses'

13th century

Beginnings of 'spouses'

The term 'spouses' originated in the 13th century from the old French word 'espous', which means 'married couple' or 'husband and wife'. It is derived from the Latin term 'sponsus' or 'sponsa', which means 'betrothed' or 'engaged'. Initially, 'spouses' referred specifically to a married couple.

14th century

Expanding the meaning

During the 14th century, the term 'spouses' gradually began to be used more broadly to refer to both partners in a married couple. It became synonymous with 'husband and wife' and was commonly used to describe the legal union between two people.

16th century

Evolution of the word

In the 16th century, the term 'spouse' started to take on a less gender-specific meaning, encompassing both male and female partners in a marriage. This shift reflected a changing societal view on gender roles and the recognition of marital equality.

18th century

Formally established term

By the 18th century, 'spouse' had become a commonly accepted and recognized term to describe a married person, irrespective of gender. It gained official recognition in legal and social contexts, strengthening its status as a gender-neutral term for a married partner.

20th century

Modern usage and inclusivity

In the 20th century, 'spouse' began to be embraced as a truly gender-neutral term, transcending traditional gender roles. It became increasingly important as societies recognized and acknowledged a range of diverse relationships, including same-sex marriages.

Did you know?

Did you know that the highest spike of online mentions for National Spouses Day was on January 26th, 2018? What could've happened on this day to make the cyberspace explode with so much love!


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