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My dear romantics, circle your calendars and ready the bundles of joy and surprises, because we're sailing into the seas of love today. We're here to tell you all about the day devoted to celebrating your other half - National Spouse Day!

When is Spouse Day?

It's national spouse day on the 27th January.

History and Origin

Spouses! Where would we be without their ability to lose car keys or their adorable snoring that sounds vaguely like a grizzly bear?! Joking aside, they truly are our partners in love and life, and thankfully, we have a full day to commemorate and appreciate their presence in our lives. National Spouse Day is younger than you might think, scrolling back only to 1981 when it was unofficially established by some thoughtful couples who believed their partners needed a day of recognition, free from gift-giving and obligations, just pure appreciation.

Internet Buzz

National Spouse Day experienced its hype-train moment on January 27th, 2017 with a resonating 2619 mentions online. Pinterest boards overflowed with innovative ideas to surprise spouses, while Twitter was aflame with love-soaked appreciations and quirky couple memes. Love was in the air, or in this case, the world wide web.

How to Celebrate?

Convey your heartfelt gratitude by dedicating time for each other. Spare the day for a spontaneous trip to the place where you first met or a simple breakfast in bed while lazily binging your favorite series. Just remember, the day is about appreciation, not materialistic gifts (though a small chocolate won't hurt!).

Love and Learn

On a serious note, National Spouse Day is a reminder of the commitment and effort a prosperous relationship needs. It’s about growing together, compromising, accepting and forgiving. Despite the differences, it's about walking the path of life hand-in-hand. Use this day to learn about each other, understand the similarities, appreciate the differences, and above all, love amorously.

History behind the term 'Spouse'


Origins in Old French

The term 'spouse' originated in the 1200s from the Old French word 'espous', which means 'husband' or 'wife'. It was derived from the Latin word 'sponsus' (husband) or 'sponsa' (wife). During this time, the term primarily referred to a married person in a legal sense, emphasizing the marital bond and commitment.


Expansion in English Language

In the 1500s, the term 'spouse' became more commonly used in the English language. It was adopted to replace the old English word 'wer' (man) and 'wif' (woman), which eventually evolved into 'husband' and 'wife'. 'Spouse' was chosen as a gender-neutral term, encompassing both husband and wife. This linguistic shift demonstrated society's recognition of equality in marriage.


Legal Emphasis

During the 1700s, 'spouse' gained significant importance in legal systems. It became a widely recognized term for addressing both parties in a marriage or civil union. Laws and legal documents began implementing the term 'spouse' to establish legal rights, obligations, and protections for both husbands and wives. This reflected a growing acknowledgment of the rights and roles of both partners within a marriage.


Recognition of Same-Sex Partnerships

In the late 20th century, as the recognition and acceptance of same-sex partnerships grew, the term 'spouse' expanded its inclusivity. It came to encompass same-sex marriages and civil unions, recognizing the equal rights and relationships of all couples, regardless of gender. This linguistic broadening mirrored the changing societal views on marriage and the evolving nature of relationships.


Modern Usage and Equality

In modern times, 'spouse' continues to be widely used and recognized as a gender-neutral term for a married partner. It emphasizes the notion of equality, highlighting the mutual commitment, love, and responsibilities within a marital relationship. By using 'spouse', societies worldwide reflect the progress made towards inclusivity and equal recognition of all types of partnerships.

Did you know?

While National Spouse Day is all about cherishing your significant other, it also happens to fall on Chocolate Cake Day. What could possibly be a better way to celebrate than sharing a delicious cake with your loved one?


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