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Despite their tail-chasing tendencies and occasional snack-thefts from the kitchen counter, we love our canine friends unconditionally. So, it's only fair we dedicate a whole day to spoil them rotten! Ever heard of 'National Spoil Your Dog Day'? No? Well, let’s get you in the ‘barking’ know, shall we?

When is Spoil Your Dog Day?

It's national spoil your dog day on the 10th August.

What's All The 'Bark' About?

Established, it seems, by those with love for their four-legged buddies as deep as the Mariana Trench, 'National Spoil Your Dog Day' is all about pampering our pooches extraordinaire. This day of canine celebration has been gleefully wagging tails since its Internet birth, with our data sniffing out its first online mention back in 2009.

Trajectory of Tail Wags!

The event skyrocketed to fame, fetching its highest ever mentions on the internet on August 10, 2020. So, folks sure got the ’barking’ memo! Whether it was an elaborate doggy-date, a trip to the pet spa, or whipping up some homemade dog treats, the internet was awash with adorable spoilt pups. Can we make this a daily thing, please?

Unleashing the Celebrations

When it comes to 'National Spoil Your Dog Day', there are a million ways to treat your pet. From extra-long walks to belly rub marathons, anything goes! However, a word of caution - too many treats might lead to a grumpy vet and a less-than-pleased pooch dealing with a tummy ache. So remember, ‘spoiling’ is best done in moderation.

History behind the term 'Spoil Your Dog'


The dawn of dog food industry

In the late 19th century, the commercial dog food industry began to emerge. Before this time, dogs were typically fed table scraps or raw meat. In 1880, James Pratt, a British electrician, created the first commercially available dog biscuit. These biscuits were made with ingredients like wheat, vegetables, and meat, and were marketed as a convenient and nutritious option for dog owners to spoil their pets.


Canned dog food enters the market

The year 1907 marked a significant milestone in the history of spoiling dogs. This was the year that the first canned dog food hit the market. James Spratt, an American manufacturer, launched 'Ken-L Ration,' a cooked meat-based product. Canned dog food offered dog owners an even more convenient way to spoil their beloved pets, and its popularity began to grow rapidly.


Dog treats and snacks become popular

During the 1930s, dog treats and snacks started to gain popularity, providing dog owners with even more ways to spoil their furry friends. Milk-Bone, one of the most well-known dog treat brands, was introduced in the United States in 1931. These treats were primarily made with ingredients like milk, wheat, and meat, and were marketed as a tasty reward for good behavior or training purposes.


The rise of dog grooming and luxurious accessories

In the 1950s, spoiling dogs extended beyond their diet with the rise of dog grooming services and luxurious accessories. Dog owners began pampering their pets with regular grooming sessions, including professional bathing, haircuts, and nail trimming. Alongside grooming, various extravagant accessories such as designer collars, jackets, and bedding became available, allowing dog owners to spoil their pets in style.


The era of gourmet and organic dog food

In the early 2000s, a new trend in dog spoiling emerged with the introduction of gourmet and organic dog food options. Dog owners became increasingly conscious of their pets' nutrition and sought out premium, high-quality ingredients for their furry companions. Brands like Blue Buffalo, Wellness, and Merrick gained popularity by offering dog owners a wide range of gourmet and organic dog food choices, allowing them to spoil their dogs with nutritionally superior meals.

Did you know?

Did you know that dogs have a sense of time? Yes, they know when it's time for their daily walk, meal, or even when it's their favorite day of the year – 'National Spoil Your Dog Day'!


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