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Welcome all you shopping fanatics and spendthrifts to the most indulgent of all days on the calendar – National Splurge Day! This is the one day a year where you’re not just allowed, but absolutely encouraged to be a big spender. So go on, build your Amazon wish list, do some retail therapy or just pamper yourself. The wallet rules are thrown out the window; the only rule today is splurge, baby, splurge!

When is Splurge Day?

It's national splurge day on the 18th June.

History of National Splurge Day

No one’s exactly sure who came up with National Splurge Day, but whoever they were, they’re probably somewhere out there launching a shopping spree as we speak. The concept is simple – on the 18th of June, people everywhere are free to let go of their financial inhibitions and spend a little (or a lot) on the things they've been craving. It has grown in popularity online, with a whopping 6789 mentions in one day in 2015, possibly due to a great sale or just an incredibly rainy day.

How to Celebrate National Splurge Day

Celebrating National Splurge Day can be as simple or elaborate as your heart desires. Go out for that fancy dinner, or simply buy that book you've been eying for months. You could even book yourself a mini vacation, or just go straight splurgezilla and go on a massive online shopping spree. Just remember, as fun as it is to splurge, don't break the bank!

The Joy of Splurging

The beauty of National Splurge Day is that it provides a welcome break from carefully budgeting finances on a day-to-day basis. It’s a day to treat yourself, to enjoy your hard-earned money on what makes you happy. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover that this self-pampering can lead to increased productivity and a renewed sense of dedication to your responsibilities.

History behind the term 'Splurge'


The Birth of 'Splurge'

The term 'splurge' was first recorded in the year 1820. It originated from the Scottish dialect, where the word 'splurge' referred to a loud noise or a splattering sound, typically made by something falling into water or mud. Back then, it was used to describe the sound made when someone threw a heavy object into a body of water or when raindrops fell heavily on the ground.


Expansion to Material Excess

In the 1880s, the meaning of 'splurge' expanded beyond describing sounds to encompass the idea of excessive expenditure or indulgence. This shift in definition likely arose from the association of the splattering sound with the imagery of throwing money around. The term came to be commonly used to describe situations where individuals or groups spent lavishly and ostentatiously, often beyond their means.


Cultural Impact of the Roaring Twenties

During the 1920s, known as the Roaring Twenties, 'splurge' gained further prominence due to the cultural and economic shifts of the time. The period was characterized by economic prosperity, jazz music, partying, and a general sense of liberation from the constraints of the past. The term 'splurge' became strongly associated with the extravagant parties, fashion, and lifestyle of the era, reflecting the spirit of excess that defined the time.


Splurge in Pop Culture

By the 1960s, 'splurge' had firmly embedded itself in popular culture. It was commonly featured in literature, song lyrics, and film dialogue as a way to convey extravagance, indulgence, and unrestrained behavior. The term became synonymous with indulging oneself or going all out in various aspects, including spending, celebrations, and personal desires.

Did you know?

Despite the indulgence associated with National Splurge Day, studies have shown that conscious spending – treating ourselves now and again – actually makes us happier in the long run! So don't feel guilty about that splurge, it’s actually scientifically backed.


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