National Spaghetti Day

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Gather 'round pasta lovers, this one's for you! A day dedicated to your beloved, versatile dish- spaghetti. Yes, you have read it right. A moment of silence… for our all-time favourite, longest (literally), and slurpiest pasta on the menu has its own National Day, the National Spaghetti Day.

When is Spaghetti Day?

It's national spaghetti day on the 4th January.

The Origin of National Spaghetti Day

The origin of National Spaghetti Day is as tangled as a bowl of well-cooked pasta. The truth is, no one knows for sure when it originated, much like how no one knows exactly the right way to eat spaghetti. Some say twirl it, some say spoon and fork, some even say just slurp it up, why the fuss? As slippery as our favourite pasta. But hey, when it gives us all an excuse to gobble up spaghetti with reckless abandon, who's complaining?

The Internet History of National Spaghetti Day

Since 2017, internet users have played a massive role in bringing the nation together for their love of Spaghetti. The site detected 15116 mentions online, and the internet peaked its buzz about it on the 4th of January, 2017. It's been upward noodles from there. From sharing recipes, to hosting eating competitions, to even creating meme-worthy spaghetti related content, the internet has been a steaming hot pot of all things spaghetti.

How to Celebrate?

There is no right or wrong way to enjoy this day. Order in from your favourite Italian restaurant, put on your apron and make your grandma's secret spaghetti recipe, or why not take it to another level and try to make homemade spaghetti. Now that's twisty! Whatever you choose to do, just remember to enjoy each strand with love and a good amount of grated parmesan. (PS: From our pasta loving community, we strongly advise against the cutting of spaghetti.)

History behind the term 'Spaghetti'


Arrival of Pasta in Italy

Pasta was introduced to Italy by Arab merchants during the 12th century. The Arab traders brought a noodle-like food made from durum wheat flour, which is similar to the pasta we know today. This new food captured the attention of Italians and quickly became popular, especially in the southern regions of Italy.


First Recorded Use of the Term 'Spaghetti'

The term 'spaghetti' didn't emerge until the 18th century. It is derived from the Italian word 'spago' meaning 'thin string' or 'twine.' At this time, it referred to a specific type of pasta shape, long and thin like a string or twine.


Antonio Viviani's Patent

In 1847, Antonio Viviani, an Italian engineer, received a patent for a machine that could produce spaghetti. This invention revolutionized the pasta-making process, making it more efficient and allowing for large-scale production. With the invention of the spaghetti-making machine, the popularity of this pasta shape soared.

20th Century

Spaghetti Gains Global Popularity

Throughout the 20th century, spaghetti became increasingly popular worldwide. Italian immigrants brought their culinary traditions to various countries, spreading the love for pasta. It gained a strong foothold in the United States, particularly after World War II when American soldiers stationed in Italy developed a taste for Italian cuisine, including spaghetti. The versatility, simplicity, and delicious flavor of spaghetti dishes contributed to its mainstream success around the globe.


Spaghetti Western Films

The term 'spaghetti' received another interesting cultural association in the 1950s and 1960s with the emergence of 'Spaghetti Western' films. These were Western movies produced and directed by Italian filmmakers, often shot in Spain or Italy, but with a distinct European flair. The term 'spaghetti' in 'Spaghetti Western' refers to the Italian origin of the filmmakers. These films, such as Sergio Leone's 'A Fistful of Dollars' (1964), played a significant role in pop culture and shaped the Western genre.

Did you know?

Did you know that Spaghetti originated in Italy and it's name means 'thin string' in Italian? No wonder, we are all 'tied' up in spaghetti love!


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